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Jamie (jamie14) wrote,
@ 2005-05-20 23:50:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:something or another...

    What a beautiful day
    I somehow messed up my alarm last night/this morning, and ended up waking up 15 minutes early. It was so nice. I spent a lot more time on my hair than I usually do, and I liked it better. Sure, no one else could tell the difference, but I could. And, I liked it. :D

    Then...School. No Walsh=awesome. As always. I have a gender confused highlighter, or maybe that was just the sub...

    Spanish=wandering and then a fire drill. (We had two other ones today too). So, that was nice. Wasted a nice chunk of class.

    CIM=love. Baehr is way too good to me. lol. I wouldn't even put up with me in that class, yet he does. Alex and Darren too. They amuse me.

    English=Mitch and me doing a crossword. Lots of randomness. I swore. Schoenfeld heard me. She's beginning to dislike me very much these last few days, but I don't care. I'm just so ready for school to be over!

    Errr. Comp Graphics is still dumb. Katie is ignoring me, and I'm just trying to figure out what to say to her that she'll understand. My project looks cool though...

    Chem. Test. I think I did fairly well. By then, most of my cramps were gone and I was feeling better. It was good. Second period= randomness.

    After school I hung up posters for Wednesday. We have a speaker coming in and it's going to be really awesome. He's just going to answer any questions people have about life. Sex, drugs, suicide, alcohol, homosexuality...he's going to answer it all from a Biblical/Christian standpoint. I'm excited. I invite you all to come. Room 122, Wed. May 25. It'll be a good time.

    Then, out to dinner with Joey and Mike. Yes, it was early, but it was fun. They are so funny. I love that I could go somewhere with my brothers, and just laugh. They are so good to me. I'm just so happy that I can have them. They are great. Then, Mike and I went to the mall. He bought me the cutest purse in the absolute entire world. I'm SO excited for it. Gah. I can't wait for summer. And school. And everything. I'm taking the purse with me everywhere. lol. 8 bucks, too. Not bad. :D

    Hmmm. Home. Watched some SVU. I love that show. Watched my brother and Kal play CROQUET on my front lawn. That was a good time.

    Then, me and Manda went to April's. Yum to those breadsticks. I love April. She's a sweetie. It was a fun time. Raising Helen was cute too.

    Home. And, here I am. Happy as a duck. :D It was an awesome day. I'm excited.

    Tomorrow=Last day of pilates.


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