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Jag (jag_x0x) wrote,
@ 1996-01-01 09:18:00
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    werrd yo
    ok what the fuck? i dont get this motha fucker. this motha fucker ya u stupid motha fucker. lol what the fuck. ya man today was fucked. some stupid yea stupid. how could u forget a skateboard. whatev's i gots lucky and now its MINE. some person left it at the bus stop. ya ok so i was like should i. or shoudlnt' i. to Do or not to Do.. lol shakespeare? o no thats to be or not to be. i dunno oh wells. anyways so i said if i dont take it someone else will. so being the THEIF that i am. i took it. now i got this lil board that i can call my own. and ya i went riding. giiddied it up from here to there. it was fun. but TIRING. riding does get tiring lil ones. well what can i say. lets see here today was ok. ya. not bad day. but you know what im feeling sykick . right now. i think tomorrow im gonna BLOW my CALC test. wow funny how you just seem to be sykick at the bad time. well good golly i need a fuckin massage . ass massage . any volunteers lol i kid, i kid. i REALLY wanted to talkto max. cuz i wanted to see him tonite. and no i wont call him cuz id feel weird. ya well ill keep waiting like the pathetic girl i am. COME ON U HOT PIECE OF ASS!!

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