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Jessica (jaekafairy) wrote,
@ 2005-03-02 12:51:00
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    Current mood: annoyed
    Current music:Carly Simon- Coming Around Again

    Invader Phlegm!
    Wouldn't you know it there is no available Mucinex anywhere to be purchased in Taos right now! Not anywhere, and that is pretty bad considering that there are four local pharmacies and three stores with over the counter areas for it and that is including the Walmart!

    I am so sick of having the flu! My nose is always flowing and my luggies are of competing size in the National Spitting contest. Seriously Guiness' World Records would be interested in measuring a few of the babies I've launched in the last three days.

    Going to the Gyno on Monday and I am so nervous. I can't sleep and I still haven't heard anything from Marc since last Friday.

    Why is Jeremiah so excited about all my latest blupers in life? Not blunders because I have headed into all of these with full determination they just keep ending up as catastrophies of epic proportions.

    I have the support and concern of most of my friends againa dn yet I haven't been forth coming and real with any of them about the things weighing on my heart and mind this past month. I am so scared of what tey will say once I find out what I suspect will become my life in six months.

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