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Lucy (jadednhopeless2) wrote,
@ 2003-08-11 10:28:00
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    Current mood: ecstatic
    Current music:I Woke Up In A Car-Something Corporate

    My Adventures At Warped Tour
    It’s been two days since Warped Tour. I remember putting my entries on this thing about how it was gonna suck and how I was gonna have a lame ass time and all that stuff. Well, here’s the verdict…Warped Tour was FUCKING AMAZING! I swear to God, I’ve never had more fun in my entire life. Saturday was the best day ever. Here’s what happened…
    I woke up at 6:30 am to eat breakfast before my little cousin came downstairs so my mom could babysit her for a little while. Loca called me before I took a shower saying that she got the message I had left her the night before telling her to meet Johanna and Jackie at the train at 9am. We talked for a few minutes and after we hung up I had did everything I had to do. (By the way I was wearing a black AFI t-shirt, green cargos, green and yellow Skechers and a red headband.) At 9:25, Johanna called me saying that Loca wasn’t there yet and that since the L train wasn’t working they would be taking the shuttle bus to my neighborhood. We hung up and I called Johanna back saying that we could take the bus to my dad’s house. She agreed and she said that Loca had just gotten there and that they were going on the bus. I called my dad and told him to meet us at the bus stop and he agreed too. After not waiting too long, Johanna called me up saying they were walking to my house and requested some gel and black nail polish for Loca and a bag of chips for Johanna. I went outside with some gel in my hand, a bag of White Cheddar popcorn and a bottle of black nail polish in the other hand. Then I saw the girls walking down the block. Johanna wore The Used t-shirt that I bought her, red cargo capris and her black Chucks. Jackie wore a blue jersey shirt, gray UFO pants and her Chucks. Loca wore a white wifebeater, blue jeans and sneakers. Johanna and I also gave her some of our bracelets. I was asked about the popcorn, gel and nail polish and I showed it to them. Johanna ran up to me and gave me a huge hug. After I handed out the stuff, we began walking to the bus stop around the corner from my house. Johanna and I started play fighting about The Used. I yelled out, “Fuck The Used”. I got a dirty look from her and she said, “You know what? Fuck Rancid!” She started running away from me and I chased her down the block. We ran into the bodega at the corner and I punched her on the arm as she went to get a Pepsi. Once she had bought her stuff, we walked over to the stop and waited for the bus, a couple of seconds later realizing that one had just passed. We laughed and joked until the bus came about 10 minutes later. (During this time, I used Joe’s cell to call my dad and tell him we were now on our way.) The bus came and we just joked the whole ride. Loca painted her nails as we were on the ride but she still joked. We were so loud I think we pissed off the driver. I think we even scared the passengers (oh well). At the last stop, we got off (not before Jackie busted her ass in the middle of the bus). We got out and waited for my dad to show up. Once I stepped foot off the bus I started saying “We are here in the ocean looking for…LOST FISHES” (with the French accent that my boy Tiny J made famous) and I had the girls cracking with my famous “Drunk Girl”. Then, my dad showed up in a cab. All I could think at that point was “Thank God, maybe we won’t be as late as I thought we’d be”. On the ride, my dad had to tell us to quiet down so many times it was hilarious.
    We got to Randalls Island at about 10:30. The first thing we saw was the long ass line. We were in awe of it. Johanna asked, “This is Warped Tour?” and I said “Yup.” It was insane how many people showed up especially since I’d never been to something so big. We got out of the car and began the walk to the line. As we walked, we saw our friend Janice from the GC/NFG show in April. We were all so surprised and so happy to see her. I was really happy to see her because she stayed with me in the back at the Hammerstein show and it was nice to see her again. She was like “C’mon in the line with me and my friend, people have been letting their friends cut all morning, why the fuck can’t I?” We thanked her (this I guess was our repayment for letting her cut at the GC/NFG show) and stayed with her and her friend. As we waited on line, we exchanged insane stories, information for shows and e-mail addresses to keep in touch. Finally, at 12, the line started moving. I was so happy. At one point, we were standing next to a whole bunch of tour buses that were behind a fence. One of them had a sign that said “Patrick Swayze” on it. Johanna saw it and immediately whispered to me, “That’s The Used’s tour bus because they always put that sign up and when they perform they say ‘Fuck Patrick Swayze’”. I was so happy when she said that. It took a while for us to get inside but we did after like 20 minutes.
    When we got in, the first sound I heard was a drum kit from a band that had already started playing (we found out that it was Mad Caddies). Walking in the place was a…humbling experience because it was so big, I didn’t know where to even start. The first thing we did was buy $10 disposable cameras. When we saw a girl with a program book, we asked where to get one and she said they were free at the Alternative Press tent and directed us to it. We walked to it and when we saw a clipboard with the times and stages where bands would be playing, we marked down all the bands we wanted to see. I wanted to see The Starting Line at 1:00 but the girls wanted to see Brand New. Since I was outnumbered, we went to see Brand New at the stage that was near us. They started the set and it was acoustic. I was disappointed in the fact that it sucked. So we ran over to the Brian Stage to see The Starting Line but first we had to wait for my dad to buy water. As we started walking there, I noticed a couple of guys walk by me, one being a tall kid with “AAR” tattooed on his chest. That was when I did a double take and realized that The All American Rejects had walked right next to me. I told the girls and they were like, “Holy Shit”. It was so funny. We kept on walking and The Used tent was in front of us so of course, Johanna had to stop there. It was at the tent that I heard the sound of Kenny Vasoli’s voice. I flipped out and hurried Johanna up. Once she had gotten a sticker we ran around the tent and saw the stage. Once I laid eyes on Kenny, I ran to get a closer look, not knowing I would end up front row to the far right (Matt Watts’ side). I was flipping out, screaming and singing along to the last notes of “Up and Go”. The girls and my dad followed me. The boys played “Given The Chance”, “Leaving”, “Left Coast Envy”, “A Goodnight’s Sleep” and “The Best of Me” (all bands had a half hour long set). All the girls enjoyed themselves, even my dad did too. There were a couple of times that we had to move out of the way of a mosh pit that had formed. It was worth it though because the guys were amazing and Kenny had some fuckin’ funny jokes. Kenny was like, “Yeah, we’re takin’ this shit today” and everybody flipped. Before “A Goodnight’s Sleep”, Kenny said, “This next song is about my ex-girlfriend because she’s a SLUT!” and we all laughed and cheered. I was talking to Johanna about Mike Golla during the song and she goes, “Oh shit, he looked at you just now”. I looked up and saw him smiling. Oh my God, for what was that? When I saw Matt, the only thing I could think was “Dammit, he’s hot”. I was yelling out “Do the damn thing Kenny” and me and Loca yelled out “Hell yeah Kenny”. It was funny as hell. Kenny was smiling ear to ear the entire set. So, when they were done, we stayed at that stage waiting for Simple Plan’s 2 o’clock set. As the guitar tech was tuning Sebastien Lefebvre and Jeff Stinco’s guitars, he started playing the beginning notes to AFI’s “The Leaving Song Part 2”. Johanna started flipping out thinking that AFI was on the next stage but I said, “No dude, they’re not here. That’s the guitar tech here playing that riff.” We waited for SP and finally, they came out with a bang. Honestly, I know Pierre is a dick but he makes a sexy blonde. I hate the fact that he acts the way he acts sometimes but whatever that’s beside the point. They played “God Must Hate Me”, “Worst Day Ever”, “Addicted”, “You Don’t Mean Anything”, “Grow Up” and “I’d Do Anything”. David looked great with his pink eye makeup. Even Pierre said it, he said, “David, you look cute today”. We all laughed and cheered. Being one Sebastien’s side was cool since at Irving Plaza I was on David’s and I didn’t get to see Seb too much that day. Now I did and his Spider-Man boxers were flashing everywhere lol. But the funniest thing was this chick that was flipping the bird at the boys and saying that they suck as she was crowdsurfing. Pierre said, “You know, I see this girl who’s crowdsurfing and giving us the finger, saying that we suck and I just wanna say, we suck but we suck well don’t we?” and we all cheered. Then she gave David the finger and David says, “Hey, this next song is for your mom, tell her I said hi”. I was rollin’ when he said that. They did a pretty decent job. After that, Jackie wanted to meet Simple Plan at the AP tent but Johanna, Loca and I wanted to go see the Used. Jackie wanted to see SP so bad so I sacrificed seeing The Used so that she wouldn’t go alone. I kinda regret that but whatever. I stayed online with here while All American Rejects were signing. As she held the spot I walked up to the front of the tent to see them. I saw them and the drummer Chris Gaylor waved and smiled at me and he didn’t stop either. I was lovin’ it lol. He was adorable and he’s been my favorite of them for a while. I was looking at Nick Wheeler, Mike Kennerty and Tyson Ritter and wavin’ my hand fanning myself as a gesture of them being hot and I noticed Chris laughing at me. I smiled and waved goodbye and he returned the wave. I went back to the line fanning myself again. Jackie saw me and said, “You took mad long”. I was like, “Damn, they’re hot”. We waited but then it was time for them to go, so we stayed to line up for SP. At around 3, I could hear screaming from behind us and I knew it was Rancid playing their set. I was like “Oh shit that’s fucking Rancid”. Then after 3:30, I heard more screaming and I knew that scream. It was the one and only Bert McCracken of The Used. I said to Jackie, “Johanna and Loca must be spazzing out right now”. I kept on silently hoping they were up front until my dad said that they were. I was fucking thrilled that Johanna finally got to see Bert, Brandon, Quinn and Jeph. As we waited, we were watching 3 bands play simultaneously. But one of the lead singers had gotten on top of the barricade and walked across it like a tightrope then he threw himself into the pit. It fucking rocked. Then at about 4, SP still hadn’t gotten there yet but Johanna and Loca did. I told them to tell me everything after the signing because at that point SP was just walking in. They cut in back of Jackie and I. When I got to the table, I notice that David wasn’t there. I was pissed but I didn’t show it. I said hi to Jeff, Chuck and I shook hands, Seb answered the phone so I didn’t say anything but Pierre took my program book to sign before Seb did. I was mad at him but when Pierre finished, I said, “Later kid” and he said “Ok, later”. I walked out and went to the girls. Johanna and Loca started telling me that they did Braveheart at the Suicide Machines pit, they did Walls Of Steel on an ice cream truck (the poor driver ran scared), they moshed at Rancid’s pit, Bert mooned them, the boys were amazing and that there was only one problem. Bert and Quinn jumped at the same time so Bert’s hand collided with the top piece of Quinn’s guitar and that hit not only broke off the top part of Quinn’s guitar but it also broke two of Bert’s fingers onstage. I couldn’t believe it when she told me. She said that he was bleeding everywhere and that at one point, he lay down on the floor screaming in pain but he still continued with the set. I commend that personally. I think that was fucking trooper-like of him. As the girls stopped at the Epitaph booth, I was standing with my Epitaph bag that my dad had gotten for Jackie and I when we were on the line for SP. Then I started singing The Used’s song “Bulimic” (the part that says “Goodbye to you, goodbye to you”) and this hot ass kid throws up the horns and sings the rest of the line as he walks by me with a big grin on his face (“You’re takin’ up my time”). It was fuckin’ hilarious. I loved it. Then we walked to get Jackie who had gone back to the tent to watch SP sign more stuff for kids. After that, it was off to the All American Rejects stage (lol). We decided to stand in the back. It was then that I started having killer cramps, I couldn’t take it so I sat down on the floor trying to cope with it. The smell of weed didn’t help it either. I heard the band start playing and Loca said, “Look, the drummer’s playing in his boxers”. I immediately got up and looked over at him. I yelled out “Hell yeah Chris”. I shouted out Tyson too. In that pit, we saw Janice and her friends. We stood with them the whole set, we danced and sang along to the songs. We were the loudest kids in the back but we didn’t care. “The Last Song” sounded fucking great. After that was done, we said goodbye to the girls in case we didn’t see them and that we’d e-mail each other. With that we started walking to the Free Water Truck that had pumps to drink water from. We got there and I drank all the water I could. As I went to the other girls, I saw Janice again. She was telling me in Spanish, “Pero de dije que me deje quieta (I told you to leave me alone), why are you following me?” and I was like, “Oh please, you wish. What you gonna do about it mama?” and we starting playfighting. While we were there at the truck, we saw the mud people show up. It was funny. We started walking and saw this kid with a sign that said “Free Hugs or Kisses” and Loca hugged him and got a kiss on the cheek from him, Johanna hugged him and I hugged him. I said, “I’ll hug you ‘cuz you like Finch” (I was acknowledging his t-shirt) and he was like “Hell Yeah”. After that run-in, we went to Less Than Jake’s stage. Face To Face were playing and we watched them, they were good. Once they had finished I was there in the pit for a while during the set up of the stage but I got scared. I saw some of the hardcore kids coming in and I was like, “Dad I’m getting out, I’ll stand over there to the side”. And so I went. I was alone but listening to Less Than Jake was cool. They started playing and the skateboarders were on the vert ramp nearby, so as I watched and listened some kid stood next to me. He said, “What’s up” and I nodded my head at him. Then he asked me what I had in my bag and I said I had stuff in there. He was like, “You don’t like this music?” and I said, “Yeah”. Then he asked, “So why aren’t you in there?” and I said, “Because I’m really tired.” He nodded and went off into the pit. Less Than Jake were funny as hell. The lead singer Chris goes, “Hey right now we’re at Randalls Island and right now, you’re standing on garbage and shit” and everyone cheered. Then the bass player/singer Roger (aka Johanna’s bitch) said, “Yeah me too”. Chris started talking about how he was looking forward to three shows on Warped Tour: Philadelphia, Randalls Island and Asbury Park, NJ and that Philadelphia’s show sucked. He said that he was giving out commands to jump and that they didn’t listen. He was like, “Man, they can’t take commands for shit. They’re retarded in Philadelphia”. I was cracking up. He was talking shit about them it was fucking funny. They did “All My Best Friends Are Metalheads” and I was happy ‘cuz my metalhead best friend was front row for them. They were wonderful as always. After LTJ we went to wait for The Ataris’ set at 7pm (our final set of the day). It was an hour till their set so we watched Pennywise play their set as we drank huge cups of water that my dad bought. They were awesome. I was fucking happy to see The Ataris from the back. I told the girls and my dad that the Ataris pit is insane and I don’t wanna go because I didn’t wanna get hit. But when Pennywise was done, they all moved to the front with me tagging along. I was like fine, if I’m gonna be in the front then I’m gonna see them well. About 10 minutes before the set was scheduled to start, we stood up from the cardboard boxes that we were sitting on. I was standing there, anxious for the guys to play and that was when I saw Kris Roe come out to tune his guitar. I went stupid when I saw him. I was 2 seconds away from crying. He was so beautiful to look at it was mind-boggling. Johanna was standing next to me and she knew I was spazzing. I couldn’t believe it. Then he smiled at someone and I completely flipped out. I yelled out “Do the damn thing Kris”. I really couldn’t believe that I was standing front row for the Ataris. Then Johnny Collura and Mike Davenport came out. I couldn’t see Chris “Kid” Knapp ‘cuz he was on the back pounding on the kit. That was when they started. Oh my God, it was fucking incredible. They played “Your Boyfriend Sucks”, “San Dimas High School Football Rules”, “In This Diary”, “I Won’t Spend Another Night Alone”, “Unopened Letter To The World” and (according to Kris, “the greatest song we never wrote”) “The Boys Of Summer”. They let a guy named Phil come up onstage and play with them. It was fucking awesome. As people crowdsurfed, we gave them high fives or threw up the horns at them as the went by us. There was this one guy with a GC tattoo on his back that kept on coming back, another guy that kissed Loca and Joe on the cheek (I backed away from him), and another guy that called Loca hot. But the best part was when Janice went by us. We flipped out and she showed us that her glasses had broken when she crowdsurfed. Then we all gave her high fives. It was a great feeling. When The Ataris were done we started heading towards the free water truck to get some water before leaving. We got there but my dad saw kids washing the mud off so we just walked away. Johanna and Loca then decided to head towards the Port-a-Potties so they could use the bathroom before the long ride back. We went to them and they were disgusting. I thought I would go last but when I saw just how nasty they were, there was no way in hell I was going in there. We walked away and saw Jackie lying on the grass. The girls and I laughed ‘cuz she looked so tired. But we got her up and my dad said, “We have to finish Lucy’s camera so go crazy on the grass”. Loca jumped on Jackie’s back and I hit Loca on the ass with my program book. Then we all just ran, chased each other, spun around, danced, moshed to the bands still playing, screamed and all of this while there was a major thunderstorm coming in. It was so much fun. Once the roll of film was done, we began making our way out of Randalls Island. We were walking out and ran over to this pit where some major moshing was going on and we rocked out until my dad was telling us to come on. So we went towards the exit with a huge group of kids. Loca and I decided to start a Blanco Meow chant. When we got out the gate we walked towards the Queens-bound bus over the bridge. We got into the packed bus through the back exit and hung out in the tiny stairwell. I looked out the window and threw up the horns to kids as the bus went by. Every kid I saw threw it back up at me or waved goodbye. It was so nice to be with my people and it relieved me. I got used to it after a while. We all talked about the day and how amazing it was for all of us. It didn’t take too long for the bus to get to Woodside. We got out the bus and my dad called for his friend to come pick us up in his cab. While we waited for 19 to come, we watched all the punks go to the Woodside train station. It was awesome seeing them all there. We sang songs from The Used and we yelled out random things. I yelled out “Bert McCracken is the man for playing with two broken fingers”. Then 19 came. Joe and I sat in the back of the van, Loca and Jackie in front of us and Dad was in the passenger seat next to 19. There was a lot of conversation and even one with Johanna’s boyfriend Jose who called her cell phone. Then Dad told us that it was 19’s birthday and we sang him “Happy Birthday”. It was dumb funny. We had asked my dad to tell 19 to drop us off at the McDonald’s two blocks away from my house. We got there and said goodbye to my dad. Once we got inside Mickey D’s, the air from the AC hit us hard and it was great. I wasn’t too hungry so I bought fries and a soda. The other girls bought meals. We sat down and I stared at the door. I realized we were back in hell when I said, “You know what? I got so used to and so happy about being around punks all day that I’m waiting for punks to walk in that door.” All the girls felt the same. I really did miss the punks. I still miss the punks. I miss the Mohawks, the rainbow colored hair, the clothes, the great atmosphere and how amazing the day had turned out. It was the best show I’ve ever been to and the best day of my life. Jose showed up at Mickey D’s and we told him about the day. Then at like 9 we left. I said goodbye to the girls who were headed to the shuttle bus. I reminded them to call my dad when they got home and they agreed. It was starting to rain so I started running down the block but I was too tired to run so I just walked in the drizzle. I got home, emptied out my bag, took a bath and called Jenny to tell her about how things went. I went to bed at 11. I still can’t believe that I didn’t get pulled out of a pit and I’m really proud of myself. I really wanna go to next year’s Warped Tour (both Randalls Island and Asbury Park) as well as more shows this year. I hope that the shows I go to are as amazing as Warped Tour (or close to it because I don’t think anything will be as incredible as my Warped Tour experience). Honestly, the one thing that was missing to make the day perfect was Mest. I really missed them but hopefully, I’ll see them in the fall. All in all, my first Warped Tour was the best and I hope that there are more days like that to come. And I also hope to make this a yearly tradition. So big ups to the Warped Tour and all the great bands there. You did a hell of a job this year, may there be more brilliant Warped Tours to come.

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