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Lucy (jadednhopeless2) wrote,
@ 2003-06-15 09:47:00
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    Current mood: lonely
    Current music:Chance Of A Lifetime-Mest

    Advisory Adventures
    I'm dumb tired (Arleen got me sayin' dumb). Friday night was fucking great. Me, Johanna, Loca, Maryann, Kimberly, Chrissy, Shaniyia, Sabrina, Yuri, Cindy, Ms. Wahls and Ms. Rodriguez went to Mars 2112. We had the only fun I swear. I haven't had that much fun in a while. We all did nothin' but laugh the whole night. We even had the waiter and the staff of the place laughing with how nuts we are. We went into the arcade and started playing around. I won't go into too many details of the night 'cuz it's too exclusive to be writing here lol. Then after a while people started leaving and so all that was left was me, Johanna and Maryann. We decided to walk around Times Square and so Maryann had the bright idea of going into Sephora to mess with the makeup. Once we got into the store, she got hold of me and put makeup on me. Why did I let her?? I have no idea. But I did. It was pretty weird being that I'm a lazy bum and I don't like makeup so I don't wear it. EVER! Only for extremely special occasions. So then she did Johanna's makeup. The girls went up to the counter to buy lip gloss and then they asked for applications. As we filled them out, there was a knock on the window behind us. It was a guy that we never in a million years would've expected to see. So anyway, this guy comes around and we recognize him from a certain thing and then he starts talking to Maryann. The rest is too exclusive. (Don't worry Maryann, that's all I'm gonna say) Well after our Sephora adventures we started to head home on the train at like 11 at night. We had some fun talking about things. Once Maryann went on a different train, me and Johanna said our goodbyes to her. In the L train, me and Joe had a deep convo about how me and guys apparently don't mix since none of them like me. It's had me thinking for a couple of days and I've been kinda...I don't know...spaced out I guess. So, I guess that's all I have to say, except that I hope things get better with that from here on out.

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