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Grumpy Bear (jaded_thoughts) wrote,
@ 2003-10-15 16:13:00
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    Current mood:ecstatic
    Current music:Audioslave - Exploder

    My teacher taught Joey Jordison.
    Today has been the best day of school in.. my... life! Okay, let me start off:

    I proceeded to wake up to numerous arguments around me at 6:30 in the morning. Apparently, my little sister hasn't done much of her h/w for the past couple of days and is now only catching up - much to my mother's dismay. Grrr.. I could have slept in for about 20 more minutes if it hadn't been for all the yelling she caused. In any case, I got ready and went to school looking for all the world like I wanted to be somewhere else. Which, in fact, I did. I wanted to be anywhere else but there right at that moment. Little did I know that on October 15, 2003, my whole outlook on life would soon change. Well, just for today anyway.

    Today was the second day of our Semester Exam for World History. Now, I know you're thinking "WORLD HISTORY?! Isn't that like.. a Sophomore class?!" And I would have to answer with a resounding "YES!" See, during my Sophomore year, my family and I moved to another part of town and I was forced to attend another high school since I was in a different district. And so there I was - coming from a Block schedule to a completely different, and need I add, very WEIRD day-to-day schedule. It turns out that.. oh, right.. move on to the IMPORTANT stuff already!

    WELL, as I was saying earlier, today was the second day of our semester exam and at the end, Mr. Frank writes us a little love note. nn; He happens to include something about having taught a very famous drummer from IOWA and a particular quote from that same student..

    Quote: "Never miss a good opportunity to shut up."

    What's the first thing that comes to my mind? SLIPKNOT Exactly.
    I get up from my desk gripping my exam papers and practically on the verge of shitting a brick from the anticipation. I finally arrive at my destination and dropped the bomb then and there.

    Me: Who was the drummer?
    Teacher: Um... Joey from.. -Takes some time to think.-
    Me: -Willing the man to SPIT IT OUT ALREADY!-
    Teacher: ...From Slipknot.
    Me: -Wanting so bad to scream her guts out.- Omg, what was he like? -Big ass grin on her face.-
    Teacher: Well.. (chuckle).. he sat on the back, very quiet.. -Drifts off, smiling.-
    Me: Did you get his autograph?
    Blah blah blah.

    Yes, I know, it was a very stupid question at the time, but listen to me! My brain was going 100 mph trying to sort this new information out, OKAY? There, in front of me, was a man who had taught Joey Jordison from Slipknot. In a sick and twisted way, I felt that Mr. Frank brought me closer to him. XD How friggin' disturbing is this? In any case, we had a little bit more of a talk, but not enough in my opinion. Joey never turned in a lot of his work. =P It sort of justifies my reasons for not turning in some of mine. LOL. Good fuckin' God. *_* I am in love. (Not with Mr. Frank, mind you.)

    Mr. Frank is now my most favorite teacher in the whole wide world. Yes, it is true. I floated through the rest of today. Anything else that happened is of little or no value. Doesn't take much to get to me, does it? I need questions.. must ask.. questions..

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