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JackieMarie (jackiemarie) wrote,
@ 2003-04-11 10:32:00
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    Current mood:depressed

    Last Nite sucked
    So I swear last night everything bad that could happen, did. First me and Justin got into it, long story but we are good now.. I just love how he can get me all upset then turn around and say the sweetest most loving thing. My mom was crankier than ever before because my dad wasn't home for dinner... whatever
    So the nite started off with the whole Janesville fire department in our back yard putting out this huge fire along the train tracks.. I assume the train started it because no one else admitted to it. So it was cool watching things burn...
    Then after Emily got done working over at Vossbergs (poor lil piggys lost their balls, she is sooo cruel) she was headed over to Shell Rock to go to the swing show with Carli and Vanessa. WELL she called like 10 minutes after she had left.. a "herd" of deer jumped out in front of her and she was lucky enough to cream two of the bastards. She was going pretty fast so they both were dead on contact. Her car is totalled though, it is gonna suck sharing/hauling her around.
    Anyway~ After we had gotten home from that lil excitment someone called to let us know that Jon Olsen, Seth Klobassa and Matt Rindels had been in a pretty bad accident. They are all Ok, as much as can be expected.. All pretty sore, scratch, cut, bruised... I was so worried last nite but thought that by going to the hospital it would have caused more confusion. They know I love them! So save the drama.. this high school sucks. Just cause ya know them>> doesn't mean you have to gossip and make things sound worse than they really are.. (Right Apryl) I hope the kid from Nashua is oK...
    Ag is almost over.. I still have more to say but I will save it..


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