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shy and retiring (jackdanielles) wrote,
@ 2003-03-07 18:59:00
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    Current mood:waiting.
    Current music:cat power - werewolf.

    the needle that broke your back.
    more interests because i'm bored.

    gayle jones - i've only read corregidora. it's about this woman who's a blues singer in the 40's (i think). it's also about the history of colonization and slavery and the impact it's had on her family; particularly in relation to family structure, motherhood, and fatherhood.
    geeks - it's like screech from saved by the bell.
    gloria anzaldua - she writes about being on the border (literally between texas and mexico and figuratively too), fragmentation, language, and mestiza consciousness. she's really amazing.
    grammar - i want to master the rules of grammar so i can take them apart. i particularly like grammatical 'misfits' like comma splices, sentence fragments, contractions, and so on.
    hermits - i keep to myself.
    hide and seek - like the childhood game. i think i've mastered the hiding part quite nicely.
    hockey - i was raised in a small place in southern albeta in the good ole canadian prairies. hockey was pretty difficult to escape, especially when one of two things my little city had going for it was minor hockey. my wrist shot sucks.
    homos - homosexuals are cool.
    imaginary friends - inner dialogues and my imagination are what gets me through it seems.
    imagination - how far can it go? how does it work? what is it?
    indecisiveness - i have such a hard time with decision making. me and this friend have resorted to playing rock paper scissors when a decision needs to be made; it relieves some of the pressure.
    infinity - as a concept. the theories of it. i want an infinity tattoo on the inside of my right forearm.
    invisibility - what do i have to do so you can't see me? if i could choose one special power my first choice would be invisibility. my second would be x-ray vision. not really.
    jamaica kincaid - i just recently 'discovered' her. she's such an amazing writer i barely know what to do.
    language - i'm obsessed with language. i'm obsessed with the ways it fails people, with how limiting it is. i like theories of language, i like messing it up.
    linguistics - yeah.
    loneliness - empty aching aloneness i've gotten so accustomed to.
    loners - like myself.
    longing - wanting, yearning, desiring. how much pain has this caused?
    lost and found - kinda like hide and seek. can you see me? here i am.
    math - if i could i'd do this for hours. maybe it's the repetativeness of doing equations that i like. maybe not. i like mathematical theory, the abstraction.
    memory - memory as failure. how i remember somethings but not others? forced memory. false memory. i think of my memory as something outside of myself.
    mental health - me and my failing mental health are getting along okay these days.
    mimicry - see it then do it. repetition. social construction. copying is the highest form of flattery.
    mischeif - i've been up to no good.

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