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some things just can't wait. (j_xo_nine) wrote,
@ 2003-08-28 00:37:00
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    Current mood: blah
    Current music:Dashboard Confessional <\3

    [[...blah blah blah...]]
    holy fucking shit. i cant tell anyone enough how fucking dumb people are. not my friends, cause theyre the coolest in the world, but the people who i dont talk to...i mean, take this for example some kid (who shall remain nameless cus i dont want crowds of angry people coming after me with firesticks waiting for me to come out of my house so they can throw them at me) is head over heels for some girl who i think:

    a) doesnt even like him as much as he likes her
    b) doesnt wanna hear from him cus he lives farther away

    and then heres a pretty penny winner...some girl totally takes for granted the wonders of having a boyfriend..if i had one right now, id be pretty happy.

    okay enough of my bitching...

    today was fun. i went to stephanies casa. mexicans painted her house. we got lost. we ate. it was great. and that rhymed and that was gay..

    yesterday was the winner...we had a food/useful household items fight with bobby and the little shits next door. we threw..

    +lip gloss
    +empty (well mostly) empty altoids tangerine sours tin
    +body shimmer (which was a mess)

    ..and they threw...

    +melted chocolate cookies
    +roast beef
    +whatever we threw at them

    yeah we were so much better...the quote of the day was " Hey Bobby, since when do you hang out with Mexicans?''-Me.

    and i got my hair done. its brown. i dont know if i updated with that information but hmm whatever. im going to the beach tomorrow with liz and her sister and it should be good.

    thats it im tired. g*night
    forever yours, J-nine

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