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.Cupid.Killer. (ixkilledxcupid) wrote,
@ 2003-11-01 19:12:00
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    Current mood: awake
    Current music:everytime i die-logic

    a sigh of fresh air
    so, yeah, sorry, ive been in teh middle of moving n dont have my internet up. i officially reside at 10 longyear ave. its great! n , i think i mighta found a boy. he makes me all tingly n giggly just thinkin about, his name is mike, n he's kats new flames best friend...he is the biggest animal in life, but i love it. hes so down to earth n intellectual. i hope when im his age i know as much as he does. not like book smart iether, but he does like to read which rox, but hes smart about life n everything. hes like the only person i know who's actually happy with his life. hes been on his own for the past 3 years, and hes made this great life for himself, n i admire that so much. he has a real job, real friends n has no patience for stupid fake people. hes my jersey boy...i think i might really like this one.ya know how im always like, o i want a guy who will just hold me n tell me that everythings gunna be ok, even if its not? well, thats what he was saying to me as he held me n kissed me, n the best part? i belived him. how can u not? holy shit, i think ive met my match. he defenitely wears the pants in this one, n i kinda like it. hes such an animal...i just hope the same old shit doesnt happen again. i dunno, bc his bf said that he hast seen mike with a girl in like 3 years, n he wouldnt bs me ta try n get his friend some booty, ya know? i think i like, want him to be my boyfriend or something....i dont even know. its been so long since ive had contact with a guy whos actually worth the effort. im so comfortable with him, hes like, ec\xactly what i want...get this ok? hes a bit older, hes funny as hell, hes a guitarist in a band, and hes a chef! woah, u all know how much i love food, hes the man of my dreams! haha, woah, just read what i wrote, i feel lucky just to know this guy...ah, my aunt saw my hicky...i almost died! i told her it was a misquito bite...i dont think she belived me.i feel so comfortablke here. im just in a good mood all the time.i wish jen would come up n visit though. then everything would be perfect, i miss our big lesbian threesomes...blah! well im gonna run, later ....

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