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.Cupid.Killer. (ixkilledxcupid) wrote,
@ 2003-10-15 20:38:00
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    Current mood: numb
    Current music:American Nightmare - i saved latin

    so yeah. exciting week. im going to move in with kat in Tillson. i cant deal here. all i do is sit in my room n cry, n thats not healthy... Connie rox. i love her to death. its gunna be pretty weird at first, with the hole school thing, but i think ill get along just fine. i think everything will be ok. i havent told billy yet. i wanna be posotive b4 i tell him. i feel bad leaving him. but i need to start thinking about myself more. lol, im gunna be in school with jon carpino n jimmy hargrove. too funny. fuck them! fuck them n there sweet 15 yr old-ness. lol, im pathetic. me dad didnt really try n stop me, he just screamed for an hour about how im a coward n a liar. well, fuck him. i learned it from the master...him. one weekend soon im takin a trip to philly for an interview for Ai. Im very excited. i heard so many good things about it. jay, dales friend went there n said it was such an awesome experience! i really hope i get in. they have advertising there. thats what i wanna major in. there n pittsburg PA. ill make two interviews. :) so u see, im pulling my shit together, n im going to graduate n get away from NY. theres nothing for me ehre. 13 has no time for me, eugene has allana, n billy, well billy has jon n chrissy n all those people now. theyll all get along ok. i dont think i can help them anymore. ive been there for them n helped them n shit. of course i mean, ill always be there for them, just a little farther away. n ernie, well, i said my final goodbye to him.
    EJC204 (3:17:44 PM): maybe one day ill tell u everything
    KillEdWiThAKiSs6 (3:17:56 PM): one day is too late
    hes so gay, but i love him so much. so now i can fully start over without him bringing me down...
    i feel like going out n killing some helpless animal....

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