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fallen angel (itsalljustanact) wrote,
@ 2004-02-09 21:50:00
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    Current mood: crushed
    Current music:memory ~cats

    is it just me, or do things seem different around here?
    i just realized i havent updated in a while. too much stuff as been going on. mondays are so hectic for me..going from school to musical rehearsal to ccc rehearsal..i scarcely have an instant to breathe. musical rehearsal today was sucky..because i was just in a really low self esteem mood as what else is new? but luckily my dearest kode was there to have a shoulder to cry on. i love that boy. i swear if more guyz were as sweet as him, this world would be a much better place. then at choir rehearsal my choir director got really mad at me..but thats ms holland for you. well she didnt get angry, just annoyed, so after she gave me this stern look i slapped myself really hard to make it up to her...but that just made her concerned. oh well. i guess i really cant do anything right. listening to music and singing are the only ways i can escape from reality..but earlier this week i realized how i have no talent. i cant sing..and i dunno. my world has just turned upside down. after musical rehearsal today, i ran outside and screamed and was jumping up and down to release all of my pain and confusion, anger, and annoyance out of my system, and freaking everyone out, especially amy. and then at the same moment that i screamed a car honked its horn, so emily p ran outside thinking that i had been hit by a car or something. that made me chuckle. nothing much more to say..hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. wow i just rhymed.

    *i will love you, til the end of time.*

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