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fallen angel (itsalljustanact) wrote,
@ 2003-12-10 15:22:00
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    Current mood: blank
    Current music:theres gotta be more to life--stacie orrico

    i cant believe its only wednesday!

    this week has been yet another hectic week..especially last night.

    anyway on monday night i was frantically working trying to figure my whole freaking world history project, that is due this quarter but actually goes on the whole year, which took me forever..i mean come on i worked from when i got home to 11 at night and did no other homework and i still didnt finish. therefore i had to stay home from 1st block on tuesday since it was only archery so i could finish it. then the rest of my monday was pretty much a blur..i really dont even remember what happened!

    on tuesday i dont remember that either. basically all i remember is having the extremely busy schedule after school..which was coming home and doing homework..and then getting really mad at my mom because she was practically making me late to natalies house since i am in her carpool with her and kelly, and we had to get to myers park presbyterian for a mandatory charlotte childrens choir rehearsal for our concert this saturday. anyway we ended up not being late, but kelly and i had to leave and we only stayed for like 30 minutes because we had a chorus concert to go to..which absolutely sucked by the way. and plus my dress was like way too long for me and i almost tripped offstage..and crystal was too worried about passing out to catch me..haha.

    so yeah that was my really busy day on tuesday...

    then today it was same old same old school..but my sister picked me up since there was a staff meeting my mom had to go to and those take forever, and hello dolly rehearsal was cancelled.

    yeesh at the rate we are going we are not going to be ready to perform in march. usually the show is in june...but because of all the exams and stuff they decided to make it earlier. we have only had 2 rehearsals so that means that there will be like a LOT of saturday rehearsals.. *crying face* sorta worried about that!

    on a happy note..only 2 days til seraphine spends the weekend with me!
    on a sad grandmother is dying...
    on a happy note..because of that i get to go to california in a week and go to disneyland eventho i was just in disneyland 4 months ago, and disneyworld 2 weeks ago! haha arent i such a lucky child?
    on a sad note...i forget lol...
    on a happy note...saturday night at 8 at myers park presbyterian is my charlotte childrens choir christmas concert..its gonna be awesome since its the top 3 choirs without the little kids! um its $10 and its until 9*30 so i hope all of you come to see yours truly!

    last comment...i am freaked out of the flu..and in wh yesterday we were watching this movie on the black plague and how it killed 4 million people and i was like relating it to the flu sinc eits gonna kill 75,000 people and then everyone in class starting coughing and u kno how i am a germ freak so i was like AHH CHLAUSTERPHOBIC! or however u spell it

    a HILARIOUS convo between me and emmie...well u might not find it that amusing but i dont really care cuz we do..

    SkimboardChic75: haha yes i figured u meant it that way
    SkimboardChic75: haha u feel dirty, not dirta
    SkimboardChic75: haha
    itsalljustanAcT: hahahhah!
    itsalljustanAcT: theres a difference there?
    SkimboardChic75: yes u see the y is substitued with an a and also italicized
    itsalljustanAcT: hahahah
    SkimboardChic75: therefore, the conclusion for dirta=naughty=the song christiana aguliara (w/e) sings=lots o' booty shakin
    SkimboardChic75: =disty thoughts of what you meant
    itsalljustanAcT: that is sooo funny
    SkimboardChic75: *dirta
    SkimboardChic75: haha so you see
    SkimboardChic75: there is a big difference
    SkimboardChic75: dirty=...stinky, smelling, something like that
    SkimboardChic75: *smelly
    SkimboardChic75: but i'm sure ur not stinky or smelly, so i wouldn't worry about it
    itsalljustanAcT: hahaha
    itsalljustanAcT: thank you for a little lesson there
    itsalljustanAcT: i learn my life lessons from you
    SkimboardChic75: haha
    SkimboardChic75: really its no problem-o


    well i love you this has been a long journal! xOxO!!

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