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fallen angel (itsalljustanact) wrote,
@ 2003-12-01 15:54:00
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    Current mood: guilty
    Current music:Courage ~from charmed when phoebe is crying bc of cole dying

    thanksgiving break
    well its monday...and thanksgiving break was awesome. most of u already know i went to florida for a family reunion with my dad's 2 older brothers because apparently we have never had thanksgiving with them. on the drive out there i finished up all the freakin homework all my teachers gave me over break which was good cuz i didnt feel like dealing with it the rest of my wonderful vacation. the other cool thing is i got to meet a bunch
    of relatives that i had no idea even existed and they are all so awesome, i just wish i could see them more often and i luv them so much. i also met my cousin alexis who is 15, and she and i talked a lot and shes really cool. and it "snowed" in florida..haha jk, it was actually a bunch of soap bubbles that these machines blew out into the sky..yeah it was pretty cool except the stupid soap got in my eye and i was almost blinded.

    then the day afterwards i went to seaworld..and a couple days after that i went to disneyworld which was just awesome as usual, since i was just in disneyland a couple months ago.

    then what should have been an 8 hour drive turned out to be like 10.5 hours and it took forever and i almost collapsed on my bed when i got home..

    the first day back from break at school was pretty good, but omg i am so stressed. all these week for charlotte childrens choir i have performances with the symphony for the magic of xmas every night until 10*30, which means i get home at 11 every night. and i have so much work to do for stanley and her stupid project, and all of my other classes, not to mention english..and we are starting the odyssey in that class on wednesday! fun stuff! *sarcastic remark*

    then next week i have a bunch of choir stuff to do too because i have my choir christmas concert with the 3 top that will be good. please come its gonna be really awesome..its @ 7 at myers park presbyterian church.

    so now i gotta go take a shower because i have chlorine all over me from water aerobics which was interesting today cuz like no one brought their clothes so only a few of us swam..including my dearest carly..and her birthday is on thursday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY EARLY CARLY!

    XoXo bye bye

    oh, and while at the reunion i found out that my grandmother (in LA) is dying..oh and my cat ran away i found out when i got home. soo life sucks at the moment. so bc of my grandmother in the state she is in, we are gonna fly out on the 19th of december to see her for christmas and come back on the 24th since we have to have christmas here. this will be like the last time i see her. its just weird, because i never thought i was really that close to her. but now thats its all happening, its just sort of a slap in the face. theres too much death going on right now, im just not ready for this to happen.

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