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Frenchie Fonrichter((Even Stevens)) (ithinki) wrote,
@ 2003-02-04 21:36:00
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    Current mood:uncomfortable
    Current music:System of a Down-Chop Suey

    I'm bored
    I don't wanna like this guy((baboon)), but i do. n mai best friend hella likes him. today was reely boring...because all i did was sit around at school...after school was pretty cool. bcuz I was with baboon LOL and sum other good friends of mine. and i never really realized this, but I'm flippin stupid the stuff I say in class. sometimes I embarass the hell outta myself...and sometimes on accident, I embarass other people. sometimes i say the stupidest things, and it upsets them. there's this girl who likes baboon who's just a friend of mine, and it's sooo obvious. and she finally admitted it, but she's so annoying! she is like hella loud all the time, and follows him and she KNOWS my best friend likes him. my ear started bleeding today, it was creepie. is that a bad thing? because it stopped after about 10 minutes, because the office just had me tilt my head the other way and clean it w. a qtip. hehe. i think i might've shoved my earphones((the kind u actually put in your ear))into an eardrum or something, when this guy James came up behind me and scared the flippin sh!t outta me! I really like these Blurty things, n I'm probably gunna write in em 24/7. cause get this...sometimes I'd wake up at like 3 in the morning to write down a poem or something. people think i'm the kinda person who hates poetry and reading...but i don't. but i like life the way it is right now. :)

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