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It Girl (itgurl04) wrote,
@ 2004-05-21 21:06:00
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    Current mood:awake
    Current music:Maroon 5- This love

    Where do i start! i was contemplating wether to carry on this journal....lets just see where it goes anyway for the time being!
    I don't know if i mentioned i met my little French cousin Thierry and hes beutiful, hes back in France now. Dunno when i will see him again.
    I finished it between me and Joe....well i did get a text that was supposed to go to another girl that he wasn't over! and thought he would end up with her (he was drunk when he sent it). He seemed to have all these female admirers texting and prank calling him all the time they liked to do it when he was with me and he loved it! pictures of another girl and an ex in his wallet and he pulled an actress he once told me at 5am but turned her down because he loved me!!!he just wasn't my type and i always realise this when its too late!lol.
    I have met someone else. Its early days. I probably sound like a man eater but anyone who knows me knows thats not true....i think,lol. He approached me last saturday night. Asked me for my number and if i wanted a date so i said "yes" we met up monday had a few drinks. Then we went to his place. He is lovely he is 8 years older than me though but it doesnt bother us! Its early days another date sunday!
    I'm working 2 shifts tomorow:[ and i have been in bed ill for 3 days with a virus. Getting better though. Got 2 great nights coming up for friends birthdays drunken nights here i come!lol
    A load of us went out last saturday night. An ex asked me out so i said yes, i thought why not (this is before i met my new man ;])lol. Was weird though! he said he wanted us to go out just as friends, didn't see him all night then he appeard at midnight bought me a rose started flirting i thougt *no way mate*lol i knew what he was after but i played along, we walked to my house together. I took my shoes off because they hurt and he insisted i walked home in his. He is very tall, very big feet so can u imagine what i looked like in a mans pair of cream loafers!lol. Stacey and Ann were stopping at mine too but they wanted to go to a nightclub and i didn't. Just as i was drawing the curtains they turned up in a car some man gave them a lift to mine. they came in and got ready for bed. Forgot to mention when i got home my parents had gone away for the weekend so my brother had got a few people staying at mine. They were all drunk laying on the floor then Alan decided to get comfy too so i was busy cleaning sick up. My brother knocked a plant over and was sick all over the kitchen floor i was so pissed off. The next day i had the worst hangover ever. I didn't get up till 3.30pm and was at work at 5pm lol. Good night though.

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