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It Girl (itgurl04) wrote,
@ 2004-03-30 12:54:00
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    Current mood:scared
    Current music:Peter Andre- Kiss The Girl

    my weekend...
    It smells like summer outside at last, everyone is cutting their grass and it smells lovely:]
    I'll start off with friday night. I had a date with a guy called Joe. We arranged to meet up i was nervous but excited i didn't think anything would come of it i just saw it as a bit of fun. We clicked straight away and i fell head over heels (i fall in love way too easy)so we have arranged to meet up again on friday, i cant wait. Hes so fit. He looks a little like justin Timberlake with the shaved head and goatee :] so i'm loved up. Who knows if it will lead to anything i really don't know...
    Saturday night i went out with some friends, Ann, Stacey and Becky. I spent way too much on drink as always.
    When we were in the last club i was just getting down from the dancefloor to go get a drink and this guy grabbed me and said "you are lovely wanna dance" so i said yeah and then he just grabbed me and snogged my face off i was really shocked. I though he looked foreign and then i started talking to him and i couldn't understand him. All i could make out was that he was from Brazil. So it was quite funny at least i can say i have kissed a Brazilian:]...that sounds quite rude!lol. Then after that he wouldn't leave me alone and i was really starting to get quite scared i was looking for my friends and i couldn't find them but then i spotted one of my exes Alan. I looked over to him and said "help me" and i think he knew this guy would not leave me alone. Alan came over and then this guy said "is that your boyfriend?" so i said "yes" and he walked off and left me alone. After that Alan started dancing with me. Next thing i knew Alan grabbed me and kissed me and said he would have wanted me and him to get serious. I was shocked once again. He walked me and Ann home. He was supposed to be going night clubbing but he couldn't get signed in without his friends and they had gone and left him. He didn't have a taxi booked till 2am so i made him come back to my house. When we got home i phoned up and had to rearrange his taxi for him because he was that drunk. But it was a fun night. Sunday was boring as usual, i was working. Then i was at college all day yesterday and work last night. And today i really need to get caught up on college work or i'm gonna get thrown out :[ i have missed loads. I'm having my hair done on thursday i might get it cut really funky :]

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