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Mike (italianstud_30) wrote,
@ 2005-01-01 14:35:00
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    Look ahead for 2005
    Well 2004 has gone by. It was a very good year overall with a few disappointments towards the end of the year. I had hope to get the hell out of Wal-Mart but it didn't happen but I did get a few calls which is a start. I was disappointed when I didn't get in at the LCBO and more disappointed that I didn't get an interview for Johnson Controls but I haven't given up and 2005 will be the year I will get the hell out of Wal Mart. I had lots of fun going out with friends in 2004 and hope it continues in 2005. In a way I changed in 2004 and for the better but I still need to make better changes for 2005. Heck I may be 31 but I do feel a lot younger especially hanging out with good friends. In 2005 I will try not to make any stupid bonehead mistakes as I did in 2004. One of my biggest mistakes in 2004 was when I met Maria back in March which we talked on the phone a few times but I phoned her a lot more than she did phone me. We met but nothing did happen which she said she would phone me back but never bothered phoning. Oh well lesson learned. One big mistake that I avoided was when I got set up with this seperated women from LifeMates which I phoned her but got her answeing machine twice but she called me and we taled for 20 min which she said she would phone me back but never did. I wasn't pleased about it but it was a blessing in disguise that nothing else happened. In 2005 I believe I will find a better job find myself a girlfriend and win the Lottery. Well 2 out of 3 isn't to bad. A couple of friends from work claims that they are going to set me on Matchmaker which I will believe it when it happens. I just don't think they got the guts to do it lol.

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