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Syena Panncrazio (italianbellezza) wrote,
@ 2003-07-09 02:01:00
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    Current mood: okay

    I hate computers.
    I really do. Fucking things. Especially when you have more than one box up trying to do something then it freezes, cuts off your connection and all the like. Thank you Catt for helping me and making me the great backround...but now I can't find it because the screen froze when I was fixing it and then *woosh* gone. I'm sure I'll find it but still.

    I hate computers if I haven't mentioned it before.

    But anway, living on Worcester is nice, good home and get to see my cousin and friend (who he's also dating for over three years since I introduced theh ^^) and be able to relax. Aside from working, relaxing is big on the list for what I need to do right about now.

    I still have the tanlines and redness from a bad sunburn I got a week ago. Goes to show you how fair my skin is. I'm trying to tan more because I really need the color. I hate looking like a florescent light when I wear a white bikini. *laughs*

    The new rpgs I've been looking for are nice and conviced Cattrina to join at least one of them too seeing how she says she's only in one. You have to let me know which one, being on brand new journal sites they look promising.

    *grins* Hey Nicci, in lurv?

    *waves to everyone else*

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