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murder me beautiful (istilldream) wrote,
@ 2003-05-08 21:04:00
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    Current mood: crazy
    Current music:watching the wild/canucks game

    hows it look?
    so i finally fixed it... although i need help with figuring out how to make those date bars smaller or delete them, if anyone knows how, please inform me. thanks. anyway, in other news. i quit smoking. for chase. he bribed me. i don't know how long it will last. it's hard. i have the shakes. i can't hold still. but i'm not addicted. just don't talk about cigarettes or i'll kill you. thank you. so, party tomorrow at this girl cheyna's house. it's like 5 bucks, but i get in free... i hope. anyway, i'm really bored and what not so i'm going to ramble. a lot. the nhl playoffs are working out happily for me. if minnesota wins, i will have all the final 4 teams right. i perdicted anaheim and ottawa in the playoffs. we'll see what happens. minnesota is losing right now 2-1 with 14:10 left in the 3rd period. i hope they can do it. walz is going to score to tie it and then hendrickson or park will score the game winner with like 2 minutes left in the game. but that's just a guess. we'll see if it happens. school is sucking. i got some career project for my english class and my fucking teacher won't let me do a comedic actor because she doesn't believe can get a hold of one. so i picked high school english teacher instead. damn actors and their preppy ass agencies and millions of dollars. damn actors shouldn't think they are so fucking special. i'll be an actor one day. i want to play a part as either a dirty druggie funny guy, or just a plain dirty druggie. either or. as long as people think i'm a bad ass. haha. like hugh jackman in x-2. fuck man, he was cool in that movie. the burns and the tight pants. god how i envy his burns and tight pants. he pulls it off so fucking well. professor of art. ha! yeah, but anyway, i'm going go stay with my sister for memorial day weekend. i can't wait. she is so cool, i love that girl so much. i hope everything works out with her and her roommate since her roommate is going into rehab for crack. haha. i'm going to try to see about going up there a lot, but she lives almost 3 hours away. it's hard. she lives in L.A. and i pretty much live in san diego. it's just hard. she comes and visits a lot though and we can hang out all the time too when she does. her friends are my friends. they love to have me around because i'm "a fucking crack up" so they say. one of her friends said he'd give me 200 bucks if i streaked at grad. we'll see what happens... haha fuck man, i hope i can go to chris's party in san diego on saturday. i've really been wanting to. poor david, he's so sad. i'm comforting him. the girl of his dreams said there is too much drama right now, which i feel is a cheap cope out. what do you all think? agreed huh? ah man, i gotta go help him out so this is where i call it quits. expect some sort of survey soon. bye bye kids. <3 xoxo

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