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Nuain (isleinuain) wrote,
@ 2003-06-24 10:30:00
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    Current mood: groggy
    Current music:Banco de Gaia - Mafich Arabi

    A Moment of Appreciation
    DP girls... I think, in these times fraught with morons who have the reading comprehension of a small purple gel pen, you deserve a shout out of appreciation.

    Jess, you're the best ADMIN I've ever known. Seriously. You're all... cool, and stuff. Most other admins'd kick me lots for the blunt militant mod thing I do sometimes, but you're all like... right there with me agreeing and just saying it a little more nicely (but with that awesome dictator-like sting that only the ADMIN can bring about). You're also a rockin' friend, though we don't talk that often, and reeeeeally fun. You should come back to DP chat more often.

    Lari... you're missing. :::cries::: I hope you're having fun on your Alaska trip and cruise, and we all miss you, and you should come back soon. You're probably one of the nicest people I know, and normally that would make me go eeewww, but you're okay. You're a cool adopted (older than me) daughter, too, even if you're the pushy rebellious one... because you have begun to understand the wrath of mommy. I wish you'd stop being so down on yourself all the time, but in the meantime I'll just remember to compliment you lots when I think you've earned it, and maybe someday it'll rub off. Can't wait 'til you get back!

    PF, you already know you rock. I love hanging out with you, especially into late night hours, and definitely love laughing over stupid shit together. I'm sorry you got stuck with crazy Amish Chinese parents, and if I were just a bit older, I really would adopt you so you could have all the internet access you wanted. In the meantime, enjoy the VR-family and try not to let Lari get to you too much... with her fondue and such. You are THE mommy of DP chat, and it needs its mommy, so I hope the universe makes it possible for you to start attending again. We'll all hope.

    Elwyn, you're like the daughter I've talked to the least out of the 3 of you, but that doesn't make you any less awesome... even if you do like Avril Lavigne, hehe. You've inherited most of my genes (how this is possible, seeing as we're around the same age and completely different ethnicities, we'll never know, but anything's possible on the internet), and although that makes PF and Lari all mad at you, you're a rockin' DP chick. I'd have more to say about you if we talked more often, but rest assured that I think absolutely the best of you.

    Kitty... I don't ever talk to you outside of chat and LJ comments, but that's okay. I hope we get to hang out in Santa Monica in July, and I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, so try your best! Thanks for being one of the non-idiot newbies to show up at DP.

    Seria... is probably never gonna read this even though she has a blurty journal. Even though she's been fading in and out of the DP world lately, I know we all look forward to her posts (even though they crash DP... teehar.) and her presence in chat, when she isn't running off to call someone or be called. Tsk. Be around more, Seria.

    Erin... you of the Dawn fanart avatar... I don't remember when you joined, and I can't remember half of what you said, but I always remember your avatar 'cause I've had Dawn comics since like '98 and would recognize her anywhere. You're... slightly nutty, but that's a good thing - especially at DP - and it's cool seeing you online more, if a bit weird. Hope you can make it to chat lots while recovering from your nasty flu thing, so we can keep you company.

    There're also Az, Azulene, Adia, Red, Merrick, and associated others, but them I don't know well enough to be appreciatin' like this. The rest of you, have a nice warm fuzzy feeling-appreciated sorta day.

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