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Moonlight (isilme) wrote,
@ 2003-02-21 07:57:00
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    Current mood:busy
    Current music:Clocks - Coldplay

    I'm only doing some of the people I've written, not all. Because I don't count anything before Def Leppard as real/worthy fiction anyway.

    Def Leppard

    Dear Phil, I'm sorry I made you such a whiny bastard. And for trying to kill you with a drug overdose. I know in reality you're much stronger than that.

    Dear Steve, I'm just sorry in general for trying to guess your feelings, particularly the night of your death. I hope you don't mind my speculation too much.

    Dear Sav, Okay, I'm so sorry for making you my first person natarator and thus making you sound like a wussy little girl.

    Dear Rick, So, so sorry for making you a violent drunk and an asshole. It was Behind the Music's fault, man, you understand. At least I'm not shalalalalagirl.

    Dear Joe, I don't even know what to say to you. I guess I'm sorry for making everything suck so much for you in all my stories because everyone elses writting made me not like writing you much.

    Dear Vivian, I'm sorry I don't love you as much as Steve. But I did put you with Phil, so that should make you happy, right?

    Dear Pete, Poor, darling little Pete... I'm sorry you didn't get as much love as you should have. I heart you oh so much. Maybe I will have to run back to this fandom, just for you. *smooch*

    Bon Jovi

    Dead David, I'm sorry for letting you get beat up by Metallica fans. And for making you so hopelessly in love with Jon and Richie. My bad, man. And for conveniently giving you a divorce.

    Dear Richie, Actually, I think I wrote you pretty well. Nothing sucky ever happened to you. Except in that one co-authored fic where David moved at the wrong time. I am sorry about that. Heh.

    Dear Jon, I must appologise for helping Dasha make you into such a royal fuck in the epic. And for making you an unfeeling bitch for part of my 4 piece that I never finished. But it did work out okay, right?

    Dear Tico, I never did anything mean to you. Except write about you and your real wife, which might have been uncool. But you were never a jerk or anything. You've always been good to me.

    Dear Alec, Oh my gosh, I'm sorry for hurting you over and over and over. You always had your heart broken, didn't you? Poor dear thing. I only torture you because I love you.

    Dear Hugh, I made you such Jon's bitch. It's not my fault I like Alec better than you. He's just such a kicked puppy and you're his evil replacement. Even though I think you're badass in real life.


    Dear Edge, I'm sorry for getting you fucked while in full drag from the One video. Well... maybe not. But I am sorry for making you cheat on Aislinn (not!) and for planning on letting Morleigh be okay with your and Bono's relationship.

    Dear Larry, Em... yeah. I'm sorry I pick on you and made Adam all but rape you. I'm sorry I made you so bitchy at the beginning of the drag fic but, hey, that's how you are about the drag thing, right? I will try harder not to abuse you in the future.

    Dear Adam, I keep wanting to make you drink, but that would be bad bad bad. So sorry if I slip up there, hon. And I'm sorry for making you so violent and evil in Pretty Piece of Flesh. That was mean.

    Dear Bono, I'm so, so sorry I keep fucking with your mind. It's just so there! All that MPD and megalomania to work with. I can't help it!

    Dear Gavin, You are so not as queer as I write you. I'm sorry, doll face.

    Dear Guggi, And you are not as eccentric as I make you. Or lazy. Or strange. But hey, I have no personality to go on really, so what do you expect?


    Dear Justin, I'm sorry I can't write you. Bummer, yo.

    Dear Lance, I know you're not as sensitive as I write you. Or as adventurous. But your my favorite, so you get the brunt. Sorry, love.

    Dear JC, You love Lance, but not as much as I say you do. Even though you should. And I don't think I make you fruity enough, either.

    Dear Joey, I'm sorry I made you so oblivious in Syrup. And in Osmosis. And always.

    Dear Chris, Sorry for always making you the sexual predator. And for writing you with the braids all the time. I liked them!!!

    Backstreet Boys

    Dear Howie, ...sorry. As my favorite BSB, you have to suffer at my hands all the time. I'm sorry I made AJ so mean to you.

    Dear AJ, I'm sorry I wrote out all that rehab shite. That was a pain in the ass, wasn't it? Also sorry for using you as first person POV. That always makes you sound so girlie.

    Dear Nick, I'm sorry I called you "fat". You're not really. And you're so cute. I'm also sorry Brian and Kevin were so hard on you.

    Dear Kevin, I'm sorry I made you the asshole father figure. And that I never wrote you as part of a pairing. I just can't see you being slashed with anyone but Brian and yeah... no.

    Dear Brian, I'm sorry I made you love Nick better than Leighanne. But isn't he way cuter? I think you're better off, actually.

    Nirvana and Foo Fighters

    Dear Kurt, I've barely yet written you but both occasions were odd. One you were already dead and the other you were high. I don't know how you'd appreciate me writing either of those, so I'm sorry. I don't think I did you justice.

    Dear Krist, I made you such a stoner. Somehow I don't think you'd care that much.

    Dear Dave, Oi we have a lot to talk about, you and me. I'm sorry I made you so over emotional. I'm sorry I killed you off that one time. I'm sorry I tried to kill you again. I'm also sorry that I always use you to vent my own frustration. Poor Dave. I have nothing but love for you, you asshole.

    Dear Taylor, I can not appologize enough for the torment I've put you through. I've broken your heart, made you a junkie, made you an over emotional woman, made you a murderer. And I will continue to abuse you. You are my one and only permanent muse. Sorry I torture you so. Me and you, we are one.

    Dear Nate and Chris, I have never used either of you as anything but cursory characters. So sorry. I'll work on that in the future.


    Dear Elijah, I'm sorry I've decided that you being a drunk and a smoker is the only way I can get you into a story. I'll work on that, honey.

    Dear, Sean, I'm sorry you keep sorta almost cheating on Christine. But you know I won't stop. Heh.

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