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Isaac Collins (isaaaaac) wrote,
@ 2004-04-06 19:46:00
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    Soundtrack to Our Lives
    I hear a piano in the background, Like a soundtrack to our lives
    All the years of guilt are found, distant in your eyes
    Don't waste your breath on those familiar words "I love you"
    They've come to mean nothing cause you never meant them too

    Now I've drawn out this conclusion without hearing the end
    This time it's ripped us open far too deep for us to mend
    Our thoughts have been erased so just sit and stare away
    We'd talk and make it better but there's nothing left to say

    The music is quiet another day has come to pass
    We're faking in love and trying to make it last
    I'd take off running if it saves me from this place
    Sad to think these years have all been such a waste

    We're like a book with half the pages missing in the end
    We live out the beginning and the rest of it pretend
    So take a second look, this isn't what it seems
    A whisper in the dark about lies and broken dreams

    Our day has boiled down to just another fight
    The familiar disillusion that one of us was right
    Staring out the window we're both wishing to be found
    But knowing all too well there's no one in this town

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