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Sarah (irishdancergal3) wrote,
@ 2004-04-12 20:30:00
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    Current mood: calm
    Current music:Remember-Air

    I'll tell you what I think of you buddy......I love you shooooooo much.,...
    Ahhhhhh I'm sho tired....I got up at 8!!!! I was sho ashamed of myself :(... because I had to get my stupid allergy shots.....ahh!!!!!! they hurt sho much! GRRRR! And I had to wait for like, 179802372 hours before me n my Jessiefruit could go running....but we eventually did, which was fun, because by the end of break we're going to be able to sprint from my house, around the duck pond, and back to her house without stopping and/or getting tired. yes'm. Then we hung around in my kitchen and made popcorn....while jessie had It's Pasta Anytime kids with the soup. Thennnnnnnnnn i went to Eastview with Helen n Jackie....yay! First we went into Hot Topic, where I saw they had FALL OUT BOY Tees.....but I decided against getting one, i have no idea why. Ehhh theres always next, I was more looking for like, Take This To Your Grave or one of their other CDs... then we walked around a bit and Helen saw the most BEEEEEEEEYOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTIIIIIIIIFULLLLLL gown for ball at Cache...except its a tad expensive ($228!?!?!?)...but its sooooooo beautiful! I can't wait until I'M a senior and I get to go to ball.....mmmmmmm...then it war off to H&M.....where I got a great black&white print shirt, and saw my dear Gabby. Oh yeah....then there were the black panties I chased Helen around with, asking if I could get which she gave a stern "no"....hehe im such a naughty girl.....then we split up (Helen and Jack went to J. Crew, to find her a pair of Capris and I went to Pac Sun) and I found the GREATEST pants EVER at Pac Sun....and a COOKIE MONSTER Tee! it took me forever cuz i tried on at least 5 shirts....ranging from them being REALLY REALLY baggy and me not even bein able to walk out because I was just wearing a bra and not a cami and the shirt was so tight and see through.....ooh, I didnt even like that one that much....ehh! But I finally found the perfect one and Nermal found these cute flip flops.....haha we were such geeks because we had these $50 gift certificates from "The Easter Bunny with much love" AKA my mom....oh my god! but I was happy cuz they were playin Rancid....mmmm......then we walked around for a little bit longer and went into Aero.....where I got a cami (White, because my FH jersey is see-through, wouldnt some boy I'm thinking of like that...) and these really REALLY cute whale PJ bottoms, that say "whale of a good time" yay they match my whale undies..uhhh.....then we walked around and went into Mens Express which was SO FUN because we were like, the only people in there and the male workers were givin us odd looks.... but they had a shirt I WOULD WEAR ANY DAY! that said "I'll Mess With Texas" even tho its a guys shirt....ehh then we got cookies and tried to figure out how to split $4.47 three ways......even the cashier gave us ideas! it was so funny! Mmmmmmm..........cookies.........then we went into Express but didnt buy anything because we only had like, $10 left, but I saw these really cute shirts that were actually CHEAP for that kind of store....and then we drove home and tried to find a road that led to Death Hill but we didnt.....and it was so funny, because me and Jackie knew where we were, but helen, THE DRIVER didnt, and was just listenin to Jack and was like "Oh yeah, I'm so glad that out of the three people in this car, the TWO PASSENGERS know where we are..." haha i love those two!!! well then we dropped Jackie off at her house and went back home.........yeah. And here i am......REALLY BORED but whatever, I got my yummy clothes! Ok, wellllllll people call me tomorrow I'm completely free for like, the rest of this break!!!! Ooh, and thanks to my lovely Fall Out Boys....heres my new sig!!

    _*-And would you mind if I sat next to you and watched you smile?-*_


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