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Silver Pixie (iridescent_sigh) wrote,
@ 2007-01-29 21:18:00
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    76; 78; 79 and (6 is 1)
    what are the numbers now? we're counting our scars out under the stars of the cowboy bar where we decided to carve out our niche. I'm up to about 6 and you're negative 2 'til you make your move. I'll convince you to see that you could still be somewhere closer to that which you crave. You lay out your lyrics on the table between us and we trade back and forth for a time. You say you're not competing, though you keep repeating the same words they've all said before. I smile inside knowing you've tried to make it sound somewhat unique. I continue to keep quiet while you convince me try it to see if it could be what you think. We leave for the moment though you want to postpone it until you can change my mind. You want me to see how great we could be, begging I stop being blind. You tell me to mull over the cards you've thrown down saying I have to at least look. And looking down at your feet, I see what you mean and am sad to know what you've lost, but I won't be deceived by the songs that you sing and I won't let you relive your past.

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