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Miss Molly Bees (invader_bees) wrote,
@ 2003-10-05 22:22:00
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    Current mood: drained
    Current music:I can't remember...even though I hear it now.....ugh.

    Oh god...what's going on?
    I've been prescribed to write this. I'm not even going to try and edit it... so anything in here is just what's spilling out of my brain.

    I'm so fucking confused. I hate feeling like I'm so bipolar and evil...I...I can't ...I don't...pick the people I love, ok? It just happens...and osh..osh...I feel so bad...I love him..and he..he....

    I know better than to do this, I do. I remember little pizza snacks I used to make in the microwave. Back when things were good. When I didn't give a shit about girls or boys or anything. UGH.

    I sound a frustrated little girl...fuck it..I am. I'm a child, and I always will be...I can't grow up..I love cartoons...I'm stuck here. Lazy, stupid, little Molly...

    Maybe She'll start with the stars again?

    Oh god..them...I used to put little stars on my forehead. I thought it was so great. Ugh I'm dumb.

    Halloween is great, but I'm not using the costume that I said I would...

    I hate how I misspelled that..and sponge..and...

    if I look up at the screen as I'm typing, I think..I edit...Bad me...UGH. I did it again...I hate it...I hate this...I'm rambling...

    So fucking confused...and he said I have to write until I calm down...

    I'm not my essay done? NO. I'mma turn it in with all the rest of my work....oh god I'm an idiot.....

    FIND ME SOMEONE TO LOVE... wouldn't work..unlovable...damnit I hate this song....hold it.

    fuck. I've lost my wayward train of thought.

    Now I'm pissed...I'm not calm..but this is long enough..oh...god...god....what? where? confused...confused...people....we should order pizza. I could have..I had money..but no. I had eaten. Cold ravioli. delicious. maybe.

    She doesn't live there anymore.

    so it goes.

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