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jonas (interpol_4ever) wrote,
@ 2004-09-01 15:26:00
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    Current mood: sad
    Current music:thursday

    i have to pee
    im at the library and i have to pee. dear god i swear the library put a curse on my bladder. meh. school is crazy. i like most of my teachers and people are ok. i try to aviod the ones i dont like. yesterday i stayed at the park and had an anxiety attack for about 3 hours and then spent about 45 min. walking around. i dont remember much of what happened. just all this shit hit me at once. i dont know...i guess its just hard to get over people and thier stupidity and evilness. i mean... fucking enid is a liar. oh jonas, its gonna be just me and you this year. we dont need meghan or deedee, blah blah blah. and after everything we said about them and everything we felt twards them...shes best friends with them.i mean not only fucked up to me, but also to them. how the fuck can you be friends with people that you cant even stand and blow off another?! we said the same things and ment every fucking word. just dont really hurts me... when she comes crying back to me she is just gonna have to deal with her shit, because shes not my fucking problem anymore.

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