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Zack (insomniac_zack) wrote,
@ 2003-11-04 22:21:00
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    Current mood:excited

    New Topic
    While i was sitting in class listening to peoples topics for the new paper, i thought of how i was not that interested in doing another paper on language in animals. I already wrote one paper on that topic and i was going to reference it in my paper for english but i decided to pick an entirely new and different topic. I chose Halloween because it is such a controversy here. It used to be one of the main attractions in this town up until a few years ago and now police are everywhere. I am going to go the police station and check out some records that i am sure that they have regarding arrests and drunk in publics and those types of things. I am also going to go to some of the local newspapers and ask to see what kinds of articles they have on halloween either printed this year or in the years past. I think this paper will be a really cool one to write and when i am done with it i will be an expert on this topic in my town. There was a lot of speculation about how halloween was going to be and most of it turned out to be true. there really were hundreds of extra cops in riot gear. I am going to compare this to how it used to be, with many tourists coming to enjoy the festivity that used to be allowed. I am also going to address exactly why this changed.

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