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MyLostHeart (insearchof) wrote,
@ 2003-04-14 11:15:00
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    makes no sense at all...
    When I got into work today there was a note on the board...Jim's daughter passed away Friday night...
    Truth be know, Jim's daughter was murdered in her own home by some men that had been harrassing her lately. These men came right into her home and shot the 17 year old neighbor boy, ( I believe he lived) and shot and killed Jim's daughter. She leaves behind young twins and their father. Oh, and the killers also killed the family dog. Probably was trying to protect his family. The killers found the twins upstairs but thankfully did not harm them.

    I just don't understand why people feel the need to do this to others. Did she do something so terrible to these men that they felt justified in their actions? I figure there is only one reason I could ever kill someone, that is if that someone was attempting to hurt or kill someone I love, and then I am sure my actions would be completely instinctive. I own nothing inside my home worth killing someone for. It can all be replaced except for my loved one's.

    But now she is gone, these two precious children left mother-less. For what reason I may never know. And I am sure it will be sometime before Jim will open up about it. And I would never ask.

    In spite of the happenings in the world, the days come and go. The sun is shinning and we are looking forward to a warm, sunny day. And an even warmer, sunny day tomorrow. The sun and blooming flowers are a sign from God that life continues, we may not one day, but life continues beyond all of this.

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