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MyLostHeart (insearchof) wrote,
@ 2003-03-26 20:16:00
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    Been a few days I see. Just been busy I guess. I think I am catching a cold. No wonder, 70 one day and 45 the next.

    I bought myself a new truck. It is not brand new, a 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 ext quad door, 4x4. I really like it. It took a day or two to get it. They had to fix something on it first. I was very impatient. My son has taken over the jeep. He will make payments on it and I will have the trans fixed.

    We were also given a new dog. A small 1 1/2 year old shi tzu. He is cute. Very friendly, in need of a hair cut. I started the hair cut, but he has never been professionally groomed, so he is not thrilled. Being that he is in a new home, with new dogs, I am taking it slow with him. A little snip here and a little snip there. I also need to get him neutered. He has a double ear infection and is skinny. He ate his first meal today, I have offered all the time, but today he was comfortable enough to finally eat.

    Things are ok with "him." I didn't have my new truck yet last night, but I led him to believe I did, took him outside to see it, pointed at the loaner, a 2002 Neon and "he" says, "that is not a truck." I told "him", "Yeah, but it will be tomorrow." So he teased me about liking my "New truck" after that.

    I have met a new guy that has just started coming to the practices. He joined last night. He is handsome and very nice. Seems to be very honest in his emotions. A great sense of humor, a wonderful smile and laugh. Lives nearer to me, and is divorced. He seems to have an interest in me and I like that. He has horses, my favorite animal along with dogs. I am hoping to get to know him better and to spend some time with him outside of practice. Funny tho, "He" reacted a little about the new guy and I talking last night. Too bad, he let me go.

    Can't wait for spring to stick around. Expecting snow showers this weekend. Figures huh? My flowers are about to bloom and we will have snow showers. Son is attending the Chorus Retreat this weekend. A bunch of the guys asked me if I was going too and I told them no. I am not sure "he" would want me there. And I don't feel I should anyway. Too bad about the weather for them tho. They will be cold around that campfire Saturday night.

    This is nice, "my boys" are laying around my feet. (my two shi tzu's) My big dog is around too.

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