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MyLostHeart (insearchof) wrote,
@ 2003-03-05 08:44:00
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    Snow Day
    We are finally having a snow day. And it is still snowing. I don't think we got as much snow as they thought we would get, but it deffinately made a mess out there. So we are off. It was annoying getting out of bed, getting ready for work, and then as I am walking out the door I finally get an official call. Of course, I had received about 6 other calls this morning prior to the official call. Each one getting me all excited before answering the phone, only to find out that it was just another driver, "have you gotten a call yet?" Like I am supposed to know?
    At least they got me BEFORE I got to work this time. So many other times, I am standing in the bus garage lounge when they say, "ok, go home." Only to have to find a different route home, because the state police already closed the roads I drove in on. Good think I like a challenge.

    I have been pretty down since last night. I drove to practice and altho it was nice to see everyone, I got lots of hugs and "glad you are here" comments. But I was disappointed. "He" was very busy getting the sizes for the vests for everyone to order them, for the chorus's new look. Last week he asked me to do this job for him, but he didn't ask for help this week. In fact, other than the few times I saw him looking at me, I would have guessed he didn't even know I was there. Of course I did not approach him either. But he was busy all of the time when they were not singing. Then when we all headed to the club, we got there to find out there was a Mardi Gras party going on and it was packed with loud music and no parking in the lot. So we all decided to go home. Well, he had not arrived yet and since he had the trailer he uses to haul things around in attatched to the back of his truck, I knew he would not be able to get into the lot or even turn around anywhere, so I called him to tell him to not bother coming down since we were all going home. But he still had his phone set to voice mail as he always does during practice and I did not reach him. So I drove past the church on my way back to the expressway, figuring he might still be there. But he was gone. He was going to the club, but I know I did not pass him on the way. He must have changed his mind. Probably mad at me that I didn't talk to him all night. I cannot win. Cannot do anything right. So I was depressed and cried all the way home. I really needed that social time last night. The guys that go to the club have a deffinate talent in making me smile and laugh. Especially "him" when he knows I am depressed. I hope next week will be better. I miss him.

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