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Lindsey (insanesqueaky) wrote,
@ 2004-07-07 12:32:00
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    Current mood:amused

    relantionships SUCKS!!!!!!!!
    I never understood why people feel the need to do stupid things, than feel bad about it? One thing that always got me was when some guy would cheat on me than come back cryin and begging for me to take them back...It sorta like So now I mean something after I got hurt? Sometimes It just felt like they were more worried about their rep than whether what they did was right or wrong. The funny part is normally the next time I run into my ex ...well he is now enagged to some girl

    Everyone wants someone, everyone needs to feel loved at some point is that why almost all my friends are now married , living with or have a kid ? I've been out of high school for only a year and I think there is maybe about 2 of my friends who Aern't married , living with or have a kid. In the past year I've gone to probabbly 10 plus weddings everytime I go to one I am sitting there going can these marriages really work out? the kids are like 19..
    These are the same people trying to hook me up with Mr. Right. I meet so many different guys and there is so many of them that likes me yet, I dont end up talking to them for more than 2 weeks everyone askes why or why I am still single? the reason is because none of them are worth my time or can even catch my interest I want someone who is kindhearted, has a backbone and is going someplace yet can sit down and just listen to me talk and have fun for hours on end someone who walks in the room and sees me and is taken back because I Look so pretty that day someone who just sends me flowers just because

    This is why Jason amazes me because he can cuddle up and just hold me the way he looks at me lets me know he loves everything about me He can just make everything better like there is nothing to worry about than with me sitting right there he can turn around to someone and be a total jerk to someone who is pissing him off than turn around and be an angel to me .. I love it .

    But even with all this, I sometimes wonder if I am gonna be the 25 year old single lady. when all her friends are married and having great times with their kids

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