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~*~TheNightmare~*~ (insane_whispers) wrote,
@ 2004-10-05 17:59:00
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    ...what the fuck is this? blame Angela week? *aggervated sigh* so yes, i just got a call from Becky saying that ive pissed off Gene and David (the head bosses) and some costermers have been complainging about me for shit i have no clue what the it is. so now just because Davd and Gene are being tottal fucking assholes and lieing about shit, i dont get to work this week.

    Would someone mind telling me what i do to piss people off that i dont even talk to or know? i mean what the fuck is this? do you just look at me and get pissed off or what? because this is fucking bullshit, it really is. because all ive done is given it my %100 there and this is what i get, you know what, fuck it, im giveing them my notice. im not going to deal with this shit anymore. its not worth it.

    As for Gene and David, they can suck eachother off and die of aids, get hit by a fucking truck, get shot, blow up, get murderd, be set on fire and be stabbed many times for all i care. i have never done anything to them except give them a little smile if they waved at me. and a "hey" if they spoke to me. but thats fucking it.

    And as for the people complaining about me, like LEW...why the fuck is he complaining about me for? all i have ever done is fucking help him out at the monster maze and i watched the booth for his girl. so what the fuck? do i just come off as a bad person that looks like you can fucking blame shit on? because if thats what you think then your fucking stupid as fucking hell. i bet its the fact that some tickets were missing and he thinks i did it. bullshit, how the fuck do i know its not HIM takeing them because their fucking booth isnt doing to well?

    Then theres the thing that Gene and David said...they've gotten complaints on me...about what? fuck if i know, all i know is what Becky just told me. and i dont even fucking understand why the fuck these people have to say shit like this. if they want me to quit then fine because im sure as hell fucking ready to just walk out and say fuck you to Gene and David right in there fucking faces. because i have NEVER took shit from anyone, and i dont care if they run that place i will still tell them they fucking suck and ten to one ill cuss at them alot more and fucking walk out.

    And then theres Becky, i dont know if she trusts me anymore because of all of this shit. but you know what it dosent matter, im not working there again, im going to call her next wendsday and tell her i quit and to just give my place to someone else because im not going to take this shit from anyone espseally if its all a fucking lie.

    There is nothing i can fucking think of that ive done wrong except for the radio thing lastnight and the 1st day i was there i sat down, but thats it, now if Gene and David are pissed at thet then they can suck my nonigsistent cock. fucking wankers. man, now if i DO still work for them, im going to be giveing them the worst stare ive ever done, and as for me pissing off cosotmers...i can do that very well. Why not? theyve already said ive been doing shit so why not make the false acuasuations right?

    I thought takeing this job would be fun, and it was untill this shit happend, leave it up to some power hungry ass licking money hungry blood thirsty son of a bitches to ruin it for me. Dose anyone else think this is tottal bullshit or are you on their side too? god damn it im so pissed off. its bullshit.

    What am i supposed to do? i mean, i love working there but if the two fucktards are going to go around spreading false acuasitions about me, then fuck it, i cant work there anymore, im not going to put of with their shit. If they think that they can get away with this shit with me, then their not very smart or they have never seen me pissed off before. im not overreacting this time, im fed up with this shit about getting blamed for everything in this fucking earth and out.

    all i can do is say sorry, but not...its changed, im going to say whatever i need to into their fucking greacy money hungry power hungry fucked up little faces, and if they piss me off enough, god forbid, im going to beat the liveing shit out of them. do not tell me not to, it wont work. it'll fule me up more. i dont know what the fuck im going to do about this, im going to talk to mom and see what she has to say, ten to one shes going to be pissed off just like i am...but im worse, im very tempermental and quick to anger.

    ok, so that didnt go the way i wanted it, i told her im not working this week, and she asked why, i had to tell her that they had someone to fill my place. i cant tell her the truth. she'll turn right around and blame me for giveing them reason to blame me. so im just going to sit ere and keep it all insaide sa i usualy do. i cant have her mad at me right now, not untill i get all of this shit figured out because this is bullshit. i dont know if i sould just go ahead and quit, or work and not have anymore fun knowing that whatever i do will cause Gene and David to get pissed at me for whatever reason.

    *head hits desk* god what am i going to do? i love working there, but now if i go back...its not going to be the same now that i know that Gene and David hate me for somereason. *sigh* i almost cried when becky told me that i cant come into work this week because of acuasions against me. but now im just pissed off. i havent been this pissed off since the fucking stepdad and i almost killed eachother. god damn mother fucking hell, i dont know what to do. im just going to sit and wait for the dredded phone call from Becky saying that i cant work anymore, or saying that she and everyone else cant trust me anymore. i might as well just quit tonight. theres nothing eles i can do. Gene and David fucked it up for me.

    I cant think of anything that ive done wrong, i dont interact with people i just work with the actors. i just dont know anymore, my brain hurts about thinking what i might of done to piss these people off. but you know, if they blame me for shit that isnt true, i have to make it true. i hate being blamed for shit i havent done, its happend to me all my life and now my job is starting to do it. im not going to let it pass by, not this time and not ever again. i hate to say this, but the fucking hippie motherfucker and the old ugly ass motherfucker have made the worst mistake they can ever make by accuseing me for shit that i havent done. but i will do now thanks to them, they brought this upon themselfs.

    i know im being drastic about this, but fuck, this is the last time someones going to get away with blameing me for shit that i have never even dreamed of doing to them, but now they made it true, so if they want something they can blame me for then they can just wait. and i know this is going to look bad on Becky, and im sorry for that, but this is bullshit, im not going to sit by and have people tell me i fucking stole shit, or that i dont do my fucking job, or that i dont have people mannors.

    you know what, forget it, let them blame me for shit, i dont care, ive came to a conclusion that I FUCKING QUIT you hear me Becky? I FUCKING QUIT im not going to put up with assholes just for your sake, i would of but they went to fucking far.

    how am i supposed to tell mother what happend without her turning around and yelling at me for shit? thats right, i cant. god damn mother fucking hell asshole son of a bitch this fucking blows ass. I mean the have NEVER said a word to me about it. about anything they had a problem with. and then i hear from becky today that their pissed at me for whatever reasons...what the fuck is up with that shit? whay didnt they have the guts to tell ME to MY face that they had problems with me? holy fucking christ, this is pissing me off even more, i have half of mind to go up there and just fucking yell at the stupid son of a bitches.

    the only thing keeping me there right now is my 2 favriote actors Sam and Lane i dont want to leave them behind, but i have to, im going to quit. i shouldt have to take this shit from anyone. atleast from something i didnt do. if i did it then thats diffrent. but shit, what am i supposed to do? im not going to sit back and let them think they can get away with this shit. because they cant.

    im haveing the hardest time trying to figure out if i should just call becky and tell her i quit or not. i dont want to, but i want to you know? *head hits desk* man this fucking sucks, this is the worest dessission ive ever had to make. im mean sure, i had to pick a parent to live with after the divorce, but that was simple. this blows everything away. far away.

    i need all of your help, what should i do? quit or stay? what would you do if this was you? anything to help make this easyer would be great. because i need all the i can get right now because this is really hard for me. i hate it. i just dont know what to do anymore. *facepalm* god this fucking sucks.

    i just called and quit. im going to miss working there. *sad face* but its for the best. it saves money on gas. plus people wont have to worrie about what im doing or not doing anymore. im sorry about all of that up there, i was really pissed. Becky im sorry that it had to come to me quiting. but as all people i hate being blamed for shit that i havent done. hopefully you still trust me, if you dont then i should of never worked there.

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