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Kara-AnNe (inner_beautyx) wrote,
@ 2003-08-20 12:34:00
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    Current mood: nervous
    Current music:Band chant # 1 haha

    Hey!! Lets see, Im trying to think about the last time I updated and what I wrote about.. Oh yah cheerleading camp!! Well not much has happend since then, except I went a little school shopping and cheer practice started. I have tryouts today!! I am so nervous because we have to do 4 band chants, a cheer, a dance, and our jumps! Can you belevie it. I mean we're supposed to know alla those perfectly after only 2 days of practice, Oh well I think I have every thing down pretty well, and shayla and bausha are coming over today so we can practice before tryouts. Im starting to get nervous as school is getting closer, I mean im going to b a freshmen, how weird is that. I mean im gonna miss middle school because everything was so planned out for you, you were friends with all of the people in your houses, and you never had to bother and make new friends because your friends we're in every class with you. But highschool is going to be so much different. Im not going to be used to seeing blue house and green house people in my classes this year. I won't be alone though because everyone has to make new friends. Im going to miss the red house crew though. I had so much fun over those three years. Except for that one winter.. but I dont want to go into that. Im excited because im ready to meet new people from other houses, and get to know them past the stereotypes and rumors. Im ready for the challenge i think, because I've been meeting new people from other houses this summer. :-( im worried that im going to split up with my friends though, because some of them arent doing the same sports as me, and I know for a fact that in highschool everything changes and everyone makes new friends, I know from seeing it.. (both of my sisters).. but it'll b okay .. I mean maybe its for the best. I have to go though bausha and shayla are gonna b here soon and Im gonna go eat some peanut butter toast for energy (im gonna need it) bye bye


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