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Kara-AnNe (inner_beautyx) wrote,
@ 2003-08-06 01:30:00
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    Current mood: horny
    Current music:Dirrttyyy-X-tina

    Hey!! OMG sorry havent updated with a real entrie in a pretty long while, its been like a week and two days.. Anywhoo.. I went to the concert friday.. and what can I say.. IT WAS AMAZING.. dude like amazing isnt even the word im looking for it was jus awesome . period. christina looked beautiful and she sounded awesome! No lypsyncin or anything, she sang around 7 or 8 songs including some old songs like that one song called at last and remakes of songs from her last CD (what a gurl wants, genie in a bottle) and justin. OOOOH justin soo sexy .. I want to touch the hiney.. LOL he looked gorjuz, and those moves! He can dance .. soooo good, if guys at our school had half his dancing ability and i would b set!! haha, he didnt sing as much as christina but he was more entertaining because he beat-boxed and danced and he got the crowd more into it.. not saying christina wasnt good.. (which she was!!) but justin beat her by a hair! hehe.. anways so yah the concert rocked, and afterwards manddaaa spent the night and we hung out and talked and stuff and then sat she went home, I sat around the house saturday and sunday basically jus recovering from the excitiment and tiredness of the concert, and then monday i spent the night at amandas wid sarah! It was fun we went put-putting (NOT MINATURE GOLFING) haha.. and then we went back to her house and ate watched movies and had a gurls night in.. it was fun!! Then tuesday (today) we woke up kinda early and had doughnuts and i went home early (10ish) cause she had to go to her ants house.. but wen i got home i slept untill 4:30 in the evening omg it was crazy, i slept like half the day away. So today.. nothing special happend.. its been pouring all day and my last summer leauge softball game got canceld and it was a triple header and we were gonna play under the lights! HOW COOL IS THAT.. but it got canceled :( hopefully they reschedual. Me and sarah had a really long talk tonight, about boys and how much we'd risk for them and jus doing stuff wid em'..and everyything it was really great.. we talked for like 2 hours i was confused about some stuff.. she helped me wid that too. Tomorrow me and my mom r having a "bonding" day haha aww.. we're goin 2 get somethin for lunch and buyin me some work out shorts and sneakers, and sammys b-day gift cause her partys thursday .. and i need sneakers and shorts for cheerleading camp tihs wkend.. Oh that reminds me.. Im sorta nervous about camp because like none of my really good friends are going, like some gurls i know are going but none of my goood firneds, so im gonna like room with someone i dont even know, ack scary, its kinda like the first time i've ever done something with out someone coming along with me.. you know what i mean? But im sort of looking forward to it, cause i need to be more independent and meet some new people you know! Its gonna b fun and so is sammys party thursday I gotta go tho, its like 1:30 and im pretty tired.. Probably gonna sleep till 2 or 3 again tomorrow haha..!

    Love always-

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