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Shauna (inji) wrote,
@ 2004-06-15 19:06:00
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    Current mood: good
    Current music:A 'smoke on the water' commercial

    canobie lake is tomorrow! yay! The whole 8th grade is going and i think it will be fun. I like thrill rides but not huge ones. I'll go on the matterhorn, rockin' roller coaster, Devinchi's dream that sort of stuff. bu no Cork screw for me O_O or Yankee Cannonball... mybe if my friends are lucky they can drag me onto The Boston Tea party. Ima wear a bathing suit under my clothes but i dont kno how wet ima get. I will go on the log flume though. So thats some wetness...

    In my previous entry i was telling about final fling but thing thing iddn't save and it got like all erased but basically it was tones of fun fun fun and Lindsay's dress was WAY to short. i think everyone felt that way... >.>

    I went over to Jess's today with Nipa and we went in her pool ^_^ Im sure Jess will write all about it so for details see her blurty. We pretty much clang to floaty toys and talked the whole time. her pool is only four feet deep so its not like we actually could swim around. but it was hot and it felt good. I clang to a sharky most of the time and we blabbered on and on about fan fics we havfe written or those that are in our heads...and we talked about people we like and dislike. And just had fun. At the end we made a pathetic worl pool because we are so lazy.

    I cant wait for Canobie Lake Park Tomorrow. Going on all the rides with my friends is going to be sooo much fun. I dont really know who likes what type of rides. I know Chrissy likes some big ones. And Nipa likes a couple big ones now too. I think Ryan and Kevin like small "non-life threatening" ones. And i think i remember Joe saying her doesn;t like huge ones either. Its going to be great just hanging out with my beloved friends. ^_^

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