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angel . . (infuriated) wrote,
@ 2005-06-20 01:28:00
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    Current mood: crazy
    Current music:all different shit .. lol <3

    long time ...
    well summer is here .. once again ... its ben alright so far i guess ... workin alot more thou .. that sucks .. and drinkin alot too .. lol .. but its cool. i havent really ben talkin to every one that i used to hang out with n shit n that sucks .. like me n leah were un seperable .. now we dont really see eachother .. basically bcus of work n if not were with people that dont get along ... i miss my aarbear of all people .. me n him talked tonight for the first time in a couple weeks. i dont no .. we have plans to hang out tomorrow .. i hope it works out .. i really wanna hang out with the 3 stooges .. lol .. aaron pathcy n rick daddy .. lol <3 i love em'. I really miss frankie thou ... out of all people seems we havent talked since like .. our last full day of school .. which sucks .. she was like my partner in crime .. now we dont really talk. its wierd thou. shes hangin out with her old friends that she hasent really hung out with in a long time .. n im doin the same damn thing. lol .. well .. its souppost to be summer .. yet the weather we've had the past like .. week .. had ben fuckin cold=/ it sucks yo .. lol .. i need some sunlight .. PASTY FUCKERS NEED SOME COLOR !!! lol i hate being so pale .. and i hate being so random .. lol .. there i go again .. anyways i always switch subjects why to quickly .. i guess its alright.
    man i am so bored .. i had work tonight until 11:30 .. yet again .. lol .. another night sitting on my ass at home complaing about how fuckin bored i am and not being able to so anything about it cus i got no where to go at midnight .. lol . i wanna drink .. lol .. go up to southside .. play quarters with stright vodka n chase it down with a screw driver .. aw man .. i wish i had some liquor right now ... i'd be gone just becus im so bored .. lol
    So .. anyways .. yes .. i have no idea what to do or say .. so im gunna go .. cccccccyaa<33


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