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Hillary (indigo_grrrl) wrote,
@ 2003-11-23 12:37:00
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    Current mood: apathetic

    That's right... cover up those emotions with twinkling lights!
    So far this vacation kicks ass. it's only Sunday, but still. No school means a world of perfection to me. Yesterday I went Christmas shopping. I got almost everyone's stuff, except for a couple people. Christmas time can be so stressful because of all the holiday shopping. Nevertheless, it was fun. Unlike Christmas I'm not really looking forward to Thanksgiving. Usually its my favorite holiday, but this year is going to suck. I can just tell... I have to go with my parents and brother to my Uncle Jimmy's house for dinner. That's tradition, but this year I dont want to go because I'm still mad at them for stuff that happened over the summer. The only aspect that could make this holiday good is that Tim might go with me. I hope he can. he said he wants to and that it's pretty much no problem, but he has a tendency to not follow through with plans. Whether it be his fault or someone else's. So I'm not getting my hopes up about that yet. Today I'm putting up Christmas lights. Yes, I know, it seems a bit early, but I have to! Doug's family and my family always compete with the lights. They always get theirs up before us! grr... They put their lights up yesterday while we were shopping. The sneaky bastards...jk. Oh it's such a loving holiday season, isn't it? So now it's my obligation to put up more lights than them today. :) I'd mention something else that's bothering me besides stupid lights and dinner Thursday, but I'll just force it to the back of my mind. I need to be happy over vacation, not worried.

    Love, Hillary

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