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Hillary (indigo_grrrl) wrote,
@ 2003-10-05 21:49:00
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    Current mood:Drained and sore
    Current music:Eve 6

    If you feel like shit today, that means you had a hell of a good time last night
    It's so frustrating to be so tired and not be able to sleep. I've felt this way for a couple days now. Anyway, for those who care, I wasn't at school Friday. Seems I sprained my foot during Powderpuff practice on Thursday. I couldn't walk most of Thursday night, and all of Friday. I'm glad I had an excuse not to go to school. I hate school lately. It's so utterly boring and just routine. I know I was dreading graduation next year, but God, lately I feel like I could leave tomorrow and be just fine with it. The people are boring, the classes are even more boring, and on top of that I'm stuck with that damned Powderpuff game. I guess I'm the type of person who loses interest in things before they even begin. Oh yeah! I got my Advanced Biology test #2 grade back on Wednesday. I passed! *phew* That may not sound so wonderful to you, but if you were in that class you'd have an idea why I'm so pruod of myself. I'm glad I don't have to take Chemistry. I'll probably go straight to Physics next year and take Chemistry in college. I've been thinking, and I want to go into Pre-med. I just love the idea of performing surgery, or working in a lab. I want to help people, so my long forgotten past goal has been revived. Some people who I told understood what that grade meant to me and I'm glad they recognized how important that grade was in my eyes. Others were like, "Is that good?" or something like that. It kind of hurt my feelings, but I can't help it if someone doesn't understand. So anyway, back to Friday. I slept in until noon (like I usually do when I don't have school) It felt so so good! Then I laid around all day until like 2:30pm when Tim came over! lol he said veronica had half days and offered to drop him off at my house early. I missed him, too. I feel strange when I don't talk to him for long periods of time. (long periods of time=overnight) Yes, I know. Pathetic...ah well. By Saturday i was walking again and I washed my dad's truck for $20.00. I needed the money for my homecoming dress. Rose called and wanted to see if we were still going to Sara's party that night. I said sure so we got ready and I picked her up around 7:30pm. Tim got to my house arond 7:45pm and we left from there. He brought over some Kool-Aid mixed with vodka. Not bad stuff, but it kinda tasted like cough syrup. Okay so when we got to the party my goal was to get a little wasted and forget the past week. Which I successfully did. :) I can remember only about half of last night's events. I remember drinking, running around, taking a walk with Tim where I was scared of cars or something. lol I also remember leaving the party to go to this kid named Chris's house. We fit 8 people in a 5-seated Lancer. Tim said I passed out at Chris's, but he took care of me. :) (Thank freakin God) On the walk home I was almost sobered up, and Rose and Tim stayed at my house that night. Rose was out in my room, so I slept in the living room with Tim. Except that we couldn't sleep because of his insomnia and my dizziness. By morning we were all okay, but I think we only got like 3 hours of sleep. Rose slept good though. I kept in eye on her most of the night. Even when I was messed up. She's a good girl! Oh yeah, and my brother and our neighbors showed up. I felt bad because I didn't want him to see me like that. I hope I didn't do anything evil. I know I gave Rose like a bruise! Oh man... I feel so bad for that. Today I felt like crap, but went to Bakersfield anyway to get my dress. It's so purtiful! Okay that's all for my weekend. God weekends are so much greater than school. Wait... everything is so much greater than school. Good*night.


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