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Indigo Bleu (indigo_bleu) wrote,
@ 2004-01-20 22:29:00
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    bad luck
    read a post on one of the forums that I visit.....a woman is praying for her son who has run into a stream of bad luck. He is young, poor, lost his job, just got pulled over and had some parking tickets on his record so they impounded his car; his girlfriend is pregnant and he just learned that this really bad hereditary disease runs in her family, and the list still goes on. It is heartbreaking.

    I look at my life and i see that i have had it fairly easy so far, i almost feel guilty. sure i have had my trials, but it has never been anything that i could not deal with.

    so many people have had it so much harder, my parents lost their home and a daughter to a fire when they were in their twenty's. My husbands family lost most every valuable they had during the wars that have stricken their country. Yet both my parents and my husbands family have had very full and very happy lives. i cherish what i have....a loving husband, 2 beautiful healthy children, a roof over my head, my own transportation, a job that i can tolerate and food on my table.

    life can be so very beautiful, we just need to learn how to overlook all the bad stuff and really cherish the good.

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