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bump in the night (incogneato) wrote,
@ 2004-11-08 09:50:00
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    Current mood: thoughtful

    Yaffa, feminists, and the end of the world
    Didn't win the photo contest. That's really okay though, since the prize was $35 and I would have just broken even. Mostly pictures of people's babies and pets won, and a 9/11 photo got first place. "Birds" scored a 22 out of 27 which is pretty good.

    Last night Sunday, Pete & I went to NY to the Bust Film Festival's last day. She brought us to this amazing cafe called Yaffa that had really wonderful veggie wraps & atmosphere.

    The films were: a short film about coming out in an asian family and a documentary on strippers called "Stripped." It was really good and really depressing. The filmmaker was there to answer questions like, "what happened to the girl in the coma?" "She's no longer with us..."

    So yeah. Otherwise, the place was cute and the Bust people were nice, very very very friendly to the point of being almost scary. : )

    So yeah the world is still ending. But I guess the sooner it ends, the sooner it begins again? They're teaching Creationism now in Wisconsin (see news article). Ugh. And theyre investigating the states which had previously voted mostly democratic in 2001 and then suddenly voted red this year. it seems the exit polls agreed that the state was democratic, so now it seems like the voting machines may have been tampered with. And since they used electronic machines in certain places this year that have no paper trail, it will be almost impossible to see what happened. But seriously, what reason would you have to use a new machine thats only benefit is no evidence?

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