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Aurelia (inbetweendreams) wrote,
@ 2005-03-05 10:07:00
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    I love the weekend
    alright, last night was awesome. the date went really well, it wasnt ackward or anything and i really did have a good time. hes a really down to earth person, i just dont want to get my hopes up. after the date, my 3 friends and i went down to our friends apartment, and he had a couple people over. we had such a good time. i havent just relaxed and laughed so hard in a while. it felt nice, i love my friends so much. kevin was supposed to stop by the apartment, but i guess he ended up just going home. i had butterflies in my stomach when i heard he might come over, but i wasnt really disappointed or anything when he didnt bc i had so much fun as it was. tonight we probably will all hang out again. im excited. so after we got back to my friend elyse's house at like 3 am, the guy i went on the date with, chris, texted elyse and was like so is aurelia feelin me? i had such an awesome time with her so fill me in. yay! at least he had a good time too and it wasnt just in my head. also, another pretty interesting thing happend... this guy who i hooked up with a while ago and havent talked to in forever called me last night, he must have been real drunk. he told me to come to this party he was at, and he called THREE times asking me to go.... hmmmmm....

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