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Andria (inanis) wrote,
@ 2005-05-19 10:33:00
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    Current music:even when i'm sleeping - Leonardo's Bride

    I contacted Bryce. He is still with his girlfriend and I told him that I was dating. He wants to hang out, but for a few reasons, I don't want to. One, I'd rather be with Carrington. Two, I'm fat. Three, I'm busy and he leaves friday.

    I love Carrington so much. I really do. Almost a year of arguments, frustrations, misunderstandings, silence, and other menial things..and I couldn't love him more. Well, I could and I know that's coming.

    I always had said that the guy who gave me my first orgasm would be the one I married, and it was him. So, I guess he's "it".

    For the last week, the sex between us has been the best it's ever been. I'm losing inhibtions a bit because I'm so confident that he loves me, no matter how I look under clothes. So, I want to try more things, like being on top or giving him oral sex.

    Sunday night, we were in his bedroom. We were going at it hard, so the bed was making noise. We decided to get on the floor in the bonus room that was over the garage. We were going at it again and he said that he was about to come, and I told him no. He stayed while I kept going, and then out of no where..I orgasmed. It was the most ridiculously feel-good feeling that I have ever encountered.

    After we were finished, I had the worst toothache of my life. But, worth it.

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