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Andria (inanis) wrote,
@ 2005-05-18 04:42:00
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    bryce c.
    It's 4:42am and I am still up. I have to wake up at 7:30a to be on time for work by 9a.

    Today (yesterday) was surprising. I went into work and Frank (a co-worker) told me that a person inquired about me earlier. I asked if it was a guy or a girl and he said that he believed it was a gentleman. He wrote his name down as Bryce.

    My eyes shot open wide. I was excited.

    Bryce was a guy that came into the dealership, driving an RSX, one Saturday while I was working. It was only weeks before Christmas and he was in town visiting his father.

    He was very attractive, tan, nineteen, seemed honest and wasn't from the area. We began making small chat about Greensboro and the area that he is from (New Bern) and slipped in that he had a girlfriend. I was disappointed, but still intrigued because this was when Carrington and I were problems and going through our "off" period opposed to "on.

    When it was time to leave, he sat into his car, shut the door and looked at me through the glass. I didn't mean to stare back, but I did. I hoped that it would be like a scene from a movie and he'd come back in and talk to me again..and he did just that. He climbed out of his car, came back in and told me that he was going to buy Christmas presents for his girlfriend and wanted to know where a shopping center was, and what I should buy her.

    I mentioned in a coy way that I wasn't like other girls, so that was a tough question. He said that I seemed very fun to be around and that he wouldn't mind hanging out with me since he was so new to Greensboro. I gave him my number and he left. I was very excited and in a weird way, I felt like he could have been perfect boyfriend material. I never saw or heard from him, until today.

    Frank said he had asked if I still worked there and when I would be coming in. He said he waited four hours until he left. He took his number just in case. I thank Frank for that.

    I plan on calling after work tomorrow, just to catch up. Very exciting.

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