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Tears of an immortal (imm0rtalxtears) wrote,
@ 2003-04-26 13:06:00
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    Current mood: depressed
    Current music:Haunted Heart; Willa Ford

    Stood up... again?
    Hm, twas to be expected. My ride (i was getting picked up) to work, hasn't come yet. 1pm and it hasnt come yet. Its alright though. I dont get it you know, i was reading my exgirlfriend's (yes exgirlfriend, im bisexual) journal... and she hurts me so much and doesnt realize it. I broke up with her because she didnt show interest in the relationship, and lackofinterest is like lackoflove. you know the saying, I love you is eight letters, and so is bullshit. Well, i think thats her concept of love. She plays around so much and then takes up the role of the victim. I honestly am growing to dislike her. With a mutual friend of ours, she said, a week after we broke up, "I love you", and two days later took it back... See where im aiming? yeah. Pretty fucked up but hey, thats her job, her deal, her problem. As far as im concerned im 0Ut of her life. I've been ehh how do i say this, talking, with a new cool girl friend shes incredibly awesome. Cute, funny, confident.... but however, if i can get the background on this blurty fixed you might read the message:

    "sigh, i wish i could love you
    your a nearly perfect girl
    but i cant ever love you
    cause theres always something wrong
    and your too pretty to be interested in me."

    and diagonally from the top to the bottom it says "maybe someday,... maybe never."

    im giving up on love, slowly but i am. "Love is giving someone the power to destroy you, but trusting they wont" the three people i did give my love to, and trusted them not to destroy me, went ahead and destroyed me... enough sappy stuff. Im going to go work on psp, see if i can 'cook' something up, im on my aim sn;
    tEArSximm0rtal so feel free to IM me. <3333molto molto amore. adrienne

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