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Stefanie (imcut4you) wrote,
@ 2003-11-02 22:04:00
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    Current mood: sleepy

    Dunno what to call this entry.
    Wud up pimpin'? LoL... Thats me and Kelli new lil sayin'. I have had a pretty shady week. Some bitches are goin' around tellin' people that I'm cheatin' on Chris. Which is straight bullshit. I love that boy more then anything. I would never do that. *So you shady ass bitches need to shut the fuck up, you all are just jealous cuz Chris is going out with ME and not ya'll.. So Fuck You. Cuz I am fo'real not scared to beat some lil bitches ass for talkin' shit.* Anyways, yeah Chris didn't belive me at first but I guess he does now. At least he said he does. :( Hope so. I still don't know whos runnin' there mouth but fo'real let me find out who the bitches are, cuz I got atleast 6 friends with 9mm's with there mutha fuckin' names on it. On Friday I went to school *W00 H00!* HaHa, not. I guess my day went ok. After school I came home took a shower then went to Kelli's. *It was Halloween.* Before I left Jason called me and asked if we were gonna stop by I was like sure. *Oh by the way Jason's the dude that people think I'm cheatin' on Chris with.* When I got to Kelli's she informed me that her friend Alicia was gonna come with us... I was like aiight, shes pretty cool. Jon came and picked us up around 5, and we went to Jasons. Oh course people were gettin' drunk as fuck. I didn't I sat there. Saterday me and Kelli went to get my eyebrows waxed, and to Krispy Cream Donuts, then we came up to my house and chilled. We went to my school for some bullshit diner thing. It was gay. After that we came home, Chris stoped by for a few mins. We picked up Brianna and then went to the club. The club was gay. When I first got there Billy was like "Jason needs to talk to you its important." I got kinda freaked out cuz I didn't know why. Well I went up there and asked him what was so damn important, he told me that he had to leave tonight right after the club to go to IL I was like what? Why for? He said cuz his son was in the hospitle. He told me that Kelli and I could still stay the night at his crib but he wasn't gonna be there I was like ok? Well after the club we went there and shit I passed out on the couch til' about 1:45am and JP woke me up and was like "You can go lay in my bed til' I go in there" (Jon and his girlfriend were in Jasons bed or I would have slept in there) My first respones was "Where the hell is Billy?" cuz he was there when I fell asleep and I dunno... It made me feel better knowing he was there.. Its fucked up.. Well I woke up Kelli and we went in there and passed out. JP and Heather(JP's girlfriend) came in there about 7am and told us that they folded out the couch bed I was like ok. We both fell back asleep when we went out there. Me and Kel woke up about 11:30ish and Jon was up. And was going to take us home, to make a LOOOONG story short, Jons car ran outta gas, we had to push in like a mile ½, we stole gas, the cops were out looking for us, me and Kelli were like fuck that and got outta the car and walked to Puffs. But I gotta go... I'll write more some other time... late.

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