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Stefanie (imcut4you) wrote,
@ 2003-10-27 17:04:00
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    Current mood: good
    Current music:80's music.

    Fun ass weekend agian! :)
    Hey! I had a awsome weekend agian.
    Friday~ I went to Chris's after school, we hung out with his Annie(his sister), Trey(his nephew hes 3) and Jasmine. We went to the mall and then the CASTLE football game... I felt like a total prep. Oh well. After the game we went back to Chris's and hung out for awhile. Then I went home.
    Saterday~ Woke up, Chris called we talked for like 2 hours. Then I went over there and babysat Trey while Chris and his dad went to go get Chris a cell phone. I stayed there for about 2 hours. Then Annie came home. I went to Kelli's around 6:30ish pm. We went to the club. I didn't have the greatest time. I went outside with Keowna and Jason came out there and was like "Come up to the DJ booth with me I got permistion for you too" I was like "ok", Keowna and some other girl I was out there with were asking him if they could go and he was like "No, both you all are talkin' shit." I thought I was funny. I was up there for about 45 mins cuz I was bored of dancen' and shit. So I stayed up there with him and talked about people! LoL. It was funny. Well pretty much all the girl I hang out with sept Kelli got mad cuz I guess they all sweat him and he don't like them and he wanted me up there... We already etablished that I have a boyfriend that I'm in love with, that we don't care about each other that way were just friends but he would do anything for me, and hes a lil bit to old for me. (So for you bitches that like to talk shit NOTHING is going on between me and Jason. Nothing will go on between me and him, hes just one of the only guys I trust when I tell him stuff, I know he won't go blab to the world) Well after the club Me, Kelli, Brianna, Jason, Baby J, Billy, James, Kevin, JP, Christien, AJ, and like 5 other people I didn't know went back to Jasons house and got drunk. I went to bed around 5ish am? Or something like that I went to bed and then Kelli and Jason came in there (I past out in Jasons bed) the only thing I remember is Jason commin' in there and tellin' me to roll my ass over, and that I kept asking for a refill on my Screw Driver. HAHA Billy was ALL up on Kelli this weekend, Jason told him that I didn't wanna be with him. He was kinda mad.
    Sunday~ I woke up around 10, Kelli was up too, Jason was still sleepin'. Well we woke up and went to go steal someones ciggies! We made a pizza and hung out for a lil while I went back to Jasons room and fell asleep agian. I woke up and Jason was in there sleepin' too. Kelli ran in there and was like "Guess whos fuckin' here!?" I was like "WTF? Who?" she told me Jon Stutsman. I was like awww hell naw. (Jons my EX) Well I walked out there and was like "wud up?" and then I walked back in Jasons room and woke him up and told him we had to leave soon. He got up and walked out there with me... Jon looked kinda pissed, cuz Jason was back there with me. I was like dude, we arn't together, I have a boyfriend, and Jasons one of my best guy friends. Well Jon took Kel, Brianna, and me back to Kelli's house. My mom picked me up and took Brianna home. I went to Chris's and hung out with him till about 8, then went home and went to bed!
    Monday~ Went to school. Now I'm here... I think I'm gonna ask my dad if he'll take me and Kelli to a haunted house tonight.
    Welp I'm gonna go wait for Chris to call me back! *I love you baby* Later.

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