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Stefanie (imcut4you) wrote,
@ 2003-10-15 07:29:00
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    Current mood: crazy
    Current music:None.

    ¿?Make up sex?¿
    Haha... Yeah I pretty much had makeup sex yesterday. Well yesterday I went to school... Me and Samantha are friends now, we have a lot of the same things in common. (Drugs, Guys, ect.) Well she wrote me a note talkin' shit about Danillie and I wrote her back saying "Yeah it pisses me off the way she flirts with Chris too" and Chris got pissed off, and she was crying. It was kinda funny I have to admit she thinks we were talking "shit" behind her back, and I didn't say anything about her that I havn't said to her face before. Cuz it does piss me off. Cuz me and him are pretty much together. Well Chris and me were yellin' at each other and then he was like come over. I was like whatever, when I got there we were still fighting sept I kept hittin' him. A little while after that we got over it, and of course we had sex... nurr... I love him.. But about the whole Danillie thing, I guess I'm gonna say sorry to her. And let her no that was all I said about her, and Sam said the rest. But whateva.
    This weekend Laura wants me to go with her to go get drunk with her, and some dude. I'm thinkin' about it cuz I don't really like drinking... Drugs haha hell yeah thats my style! ;-) LoL... I dunno I might go. Depends. On Saterday were goin' to the club. We both havn't been in a long ass time.
    I found out yesterday one of my friend are PG. :( shes 14... *I love you baby girl*
    Kelli gets out today... This should be a shitty day... Not about her gettin' out but I know that people are gonna be talkin' shit... I'm not even gonna fuck with it...

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