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Stefanie (imcut4you) wrote,
@ 2003-10-12 13:46:00
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    Current mood: bouncy
    Current music:none

    Hey, wassup? Imma chillin' I had a pretty good time last night. I went to Lauras house and hung out with her brother Sean... hes liked me for like ever, he kept humping my leg.. It was funny. We were watching Waynes World while waiting for Laura to call so we could go pick her up from work. I was talking to Chris, well no I was talking to Jason and he wouldn't let me talk to Chris cuz hes a lil bitch! lol! We ended up going to the Fall Fest at like 9ish. I saw DREW!! I hadn't seen him in FOREVER well I ran up to him and gave him a big ass hug and he picked me up and twirled me around. It was really great to see him! I luv that boy to death! Hes like my brother. I also saw Pat he walked up to me and gave me a hug. We hung out for a lil while, till his sister called. Me, Laura, and Brandie were walking around trying to find Sean (we lost him) well I saw Tara and Jessica and yelled there names and they came runnin' after me it was funny cuz the both jumped on me. I hadn't seen Jessica since I left Castle, I saw Tara not to long ago at the mall. It was still great to see both of them, they were with Micheal G, and Joe Day. After that we found her brother. We were walking to go get on a ride when Mick called my name, she ran up to me and jumped on me (LIKE SHE ALWAYS DOES) well I didn't notice that she was talking to Jon Stutsman till he slaped my ass and I turned around. (I saw him at the begining of the week but he didn't come up and talk to me cuz he didn't want to get in trouble with my mom and dad. Well I gave Jon a hug and stuff. We stood there and talked for awhile and then Jon decided that he was gonna walk around with us.. He flirted with me ALL night... even when he new I had a boyfriend he still wouldn't leave me alone. *Chris thats why I wanted you to come with me. fucker.* We went and cutted in front of a HUGE amount of people in line for the "Freak Out" they weren't to happy, we cutted in front of people that had been in like for like 3 hours. It was funny. I wasn't bout to wait in like for 3 hours. Fuck that. We we waited about 4 rides and we got on. OMG! I saw Brian Grigsbey there! He tapped me on the sholder and I just about jumped over the fence to hug him! He was like "You think that me and my friends can get in front of you" I just laughed at him. I havn't seen him in a long time either. Billy came up to Jon after the ride tellin' him some dude that they were supose to fight was there. So we were walking all fast to find him. We stoped by the Zipper and hung out. I GOT ANOTHER FUCKIN' SMOKEN' TICKET! But hell naw I ain't tellin' my mom about this one. I'm just gonna go to court without her knowing. :) Soon after that Jon rode the Zipper with me! Stuff came outta his pockets. It was funny! After we rode that, me Laura and Sean went home!
    I went to Christophers house before I went to Lauras house and hung out with Sean... I love my baby.
    I also I got my hair cut today! It doesn't look bad. I like it!
    But I'mma cut. Late.

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