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Rachel (ilvsubroo) wrote,
@ 2003-11-03 21:06:00
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    Current mood:tired

    So I'm still alive, living on my own and loving it. Nener has beena bit much lately, i personally think she needs a playmate but my landlord said no more cats, Dammit Dad! On a good note I still have a jorb and still like it for the most part. It was a rough couple weeks but i got through. My only problem is that I busted my ass to get out of college and into the working world to get absolutely no respect because I am so much younger than everybody. Half the people I work with didn't even GO to college, let alone know how much work it is to grad early. But I muttled through, and even though being treated like I was 6, I still didn't get freakin nap time! That would have made it a little better. ANYWAYS, I went to MA with Craig last weekend to meet up with Michael and Stephanie. Man I love these people, yes even Craig, I swear they are the bestest people ever, soooooo much fun. We went to six Flags New England for Fright Fest , it was a blast. The only bad thing the whole weekend was that it was shitty weather coming back and therefore I don't think craig will ever ride with me again! Oh well, boys are stupid. (yes yes I know girls are stupid too) Oh and while I was at Six flags, believe it or not these amazing people actually got me to go on Roller Coasters! Now for those of you reading this who know me very well, then you know about my whole Roller Coaster motion sickness thing. But steph gave me some drugs and after about an hour of complaining, I was actually beginning to enjoy myself! The evil wonderful people took me on the most terrifying roller coaster first though, thanks guys! freakin 210 foot drop ahhhhhhhhh. Well actually I was too terrified to scream. Everybody prob thought I was dead. lol So that was a great weekend, these are the people that I hope i know for the rest of my live long days. Tiani was greatly missed but I thhink part of me went on the rides just for her, ;-)
    Lots of hours at the liquor store coming up with the Holiday season. If you know I don't have your address, please send it to me so i can put you on my christmas card list! And to end, a quote, that even though a bit mushy, it just really hit home with me...
    "love builds bridges where there are none"

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